[3.14-3.15 HC Updated] HOAG Champ. ~7k Life Gain on hit/sec vs. single target. All Content <Videos>

Great explanation, thanks!
Most welcome.

Orion its been awhile when I last awakened orbed something.
I made these two amulets

So do I use awaken orb on the first to destroy it and mod the second?

The second has 85 ilv and used the vendor recipe to turn junk ammies into onyx
Dernière édition par LegendaryOne, le 6 mai 2021 16:57:57
For how many hours I have in this game, I still feel like I have noob questions all the time. Anyways, I was curious when I'm supposed to use Convocation on my minion. It seems like sometimes I'm fighting to get him to fire at the enemies that I'm prioritizing.

Thanks for the build! I appreciate when I can read a lot of details and info about my builds, rather than me scratching my head at why things aren't working.
I dash and then bring it close to me all the time since proximity shields are a pita.
@LegendaryOne re: Ammy construction:

Yes. Orb destroys the one you click first and then rerolls the one you click second while smashing together the influenced mods. Using higher ilvl ammy second is best. Make sure each ammy only has one influenced mod or orb can be wasted.

Make sure not to try to put together +1 chaos & +1 phys or it and one of the amulets will be wasted (they use the same slot) has to be +1 Dex and +1 Phys. I learned this the hard way. Very sad to burn that much currency on a wasted awakener's orb and +1 ammy. I went back and updated the guide to include this warning because of the ammy's you linked.

Good luck on your roll!

@TurkMurphy re: Convocation:

Convo is your positioning/aiming tool for the crawler. I am more or less spamming convo every time it comes off cooldown during fights. Most welcome and happy if you are enjoying it.

Dernière édition par Orion72, le 7 mai 2021 04:26:00
Just found this.
I presume this is an upgrade!

Also since I really want a good elder Bone Helm which maps should I be using this on?

PS. Thanks for the warning on the ammy yet another one of those GGG unexplained mechanics that you have to suffer or have some suffer for you to know.
Dernière édition par LegendaryOne, le 6 mai 2021 22:35:53
Anomalous pierce: Definitely. The 10% Inc damage on a normal pierce is so irrelevant I usually don't even bother with Qual. Extra 2 pierce likely solid in many situations, like ultimatums.

For late end game, you really want a helm to drop from Uber elder to get the ilvl 86. Otherwise any T8+ map is a valid candidate for your scarab. (I think the wiki has a list of maps where it drops if the stylishness of a bone helmet is important to you. Tiny extra damage that I usually pass on (when I can in favor of Gear without an int req that's easier to color with less expensive bases)

Whew! Really glad you posted to ask first and waited for a response before you used the awakener's orb. I was so depressed the league that happened to me I think a took a couple weeks off. :)

Dernière édition par Orion72, le 7 mai 2021 03:18:59
We have harvest. Colors are irrelevant.

Still no luck on making better crawler helmet but one did roll this pseudo 7L.
Chest looks like you are trying out something different? Kinda crazy piece to have mostly red.

I wonder if that helm you rolled is used by anything? It's pretty to look at, but I prolly roll over it without another thought. Then again, that may be because I am ignorant of its use.



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