[3.14-3.15 HC Updated] HOAG Champ. ~7k Life Gain on hit/sec vs. single target. All Content <Videos>

With the new mana changes in 3.15.0d will you update the gem setup as we might be able to fit extra auras and cwdt?
Would it be possible to suplement the reaper minion in to this build? the Crawler would lose 20% damage but would the reaper make up for it? All you would need for reaper sustain is Word of Grave on gloves for mapping. For bossing i'm not sure, maybe just a cwdt golem gem? Both are physical skill gems and can be scaled the same way i think. Just think it'd be cool!
Maybe! Try it and let us know. :)

Brand new piece of tech (for those of you that did not know this already--I just leanrned it yesterday)

Blink arrow does NOT share a cooldown with dash.

Particularly during leveling, it is not hard to slot dash>blink arrow>lifetap>second wind together. This improves the speed of getting through the acts dramatically. Enjoy.

Dernière édition par Orion72, le 6 août 2021 22:08:12
What about despair instead of lifetap? What's role of lifetap on dash? We have only reserved herald of agony (about 50% mana).
Right now, HOAG>Pierce>DOFL>Vicious proj>Minion damage reserves a little over 76%. That leaves room, potentially to either run a 10% aura (probably defiance banner) or to get some reduced reservation and go back to running aspect of the spider. Once you add in an aura, you will be running with very low mana. You want to be sure that dash always works, hence the lifetap.

Right I didnt count aspect of spider, still dont have it.
Hi Orion,

I'm still kinda new to POE, so I'm wondering if you can help me by sharing with me what kind of map mods should I avoid with this build?
This is a build that can do literally any map mod, though you should be cautious once you get past 2 damage mods on the same map. Have fun!

Dernière édition par Orion72, le 23 août 2021 18:44:06
In POB version there is in Quill Rain 6 link Critical Strike Affliction instead of Chance to poison gem. Isnt better replace it with Chance to posion and save 2 skill points on tree, or what is the effect of Critical Strike Affliction for barrage?


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