[3.15 RDY] Gladiator Bleed Earthquake 75/75 Block / League Starter / Budget Friendly

rektemagain a écrit :
How is the tankiness of this build? I am sick of dying this league in t14 and up maps, looking to make a switch

I haven't played this one specifically, but other block builds. Typically if you're getting max block, a decent life pool, using fortify, I find it to be reasonably tanky. Need to make sure to use flasks to remove ailments and what not of course.
Im running this at the moment, feel free to add me if you'd like to collaborate or ask questions.
Ragefanatic a écrit :

For mapping, sure. You only use it on huge hard bosses. Without it you will need to actually dodge the mechanics of guardians and conquerors, cause fights take 10 seconds instead of 3.
SHOUT OUT TO THE CREATOR OF THIS BUILD! Got this build up and running and just cruising through juiced t16 content. I needed this after my lackluster starter.
thirst for blood from jack enabled on budget?
Are we supposed to run Crimson dance with this build? I see some people do and don't are there any requirements to running it?
Crimson Dance is a big no no in this build.

You need one strong bleed and then you slap your target with ensnaring arrow (target counts as moving) for maximum bleed damage from your strongest bleed. And strongest bleed comes from EQ aftershock, buffed by seismic cry (last charge provides most damage) and fist of war.
hi, i just wanted to ask why use ryslatha's coil? im new to the game and i dont know why this is in your build what are the benefits?

This is my current POB character https://pastebin.com/7Snfm7Gg I'm at 19M dps without changing the mechanics from fist of war and seismic cry on POB, very good for bossing, but the clearspeed is kind of slow, there is a lot to improve but you can make sirius and conqueror's deathless. Great Build!
Nice :). Im playing blade blast chieftan ssf, but keeping my eye out for a jack the axe, or decent elder axe, may do this as a second build. Surrender & Ryslathas will probably be tricky SSF.


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