[3.5-3.10 HC] Pure Herald of Agony Jugg. All content. Videos. Dual wielding Cold Iron Variant added.

What Labrynth enchants would you aim for on the boots/gloves (Helm being obvious I'm sure with the HoA one?) and what captures for Pantheon?
Lab glove Enchants: My favorites are Reflection and spite. Reflection is good in many builds, but I particularly like spite in this one because you can self trigger it anytime you either blink arrow or phase run.

Lab Boot Enchants: Spell Dodge, Dodge, Regen, and Move speed if not hit are all useful enchants, depending on your taste.

Pantheon: I typically go for the Solaris and Shakari set, since I like bossing and hate poison. Ymmv.

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Sidenote on the other build I've been working on:

So, I have succcessfully created a Trickster DOT totems (Soulrend / Essence Drain / Wither) build that maps and levels faster than anything I personally have ever played before. Up to 90 it regularly clocked 400-500m/hour in maps and on the overall It clocked 0-92 in approximately 24 hours played. (For me, that's fast, ymmv). It bosses well against anything that has a decent sized arena (Successful deathless Uber Atziri and Shaper runs), but it is crap at small, chaotic arena bosses unless you play much better than I do (Deaths have almost all been delve or synthesis bosses, because I am a slow learner sometimes).

Important tech: The secret to its sustain is that when a totem kills something with a DOT (as opposed to a hit) this counts as your kill. When you combine this with the Trickster ascendancies, you get excllent levels of mapping sustain in high density maps.

I probably won't do a full write up on it 'till sometime next league, as I feel it has a few kinks to work out and I am honestly a little burned out on synthesis at the moment. But for any of you that have stuck with me in this thread so far, I thought I should let you know that I found another good one. My profile is public. If you are interested, the character that has the template you want to look at is O_Perfection_O.

Good luck,

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Re: Trickster DOT Totem build videos--proof of boast.

Never happened if I don't take pictures, right?

1. Trickster DOT totems vs. Uber Atziri (Deathless)https://youtu.be/RbhrrjsCuIE

2. Trickster DOT totems vs. Shaper (Deathless) https://youtu.be/Gm-9DGUAsh4
hi Orion72
I would like to thank you for this great build :)
I modified some equipment and tree for my needs because I do not play on HC and I do not need so much defenses on SC :P
I go to max DPS with good defense i think xD

here is my gear:

my max DPS with
is 5.55 mln Shaper DPS (from PoB)

Here is my movie with this gear
Uber Elder kill 1:42sec

Thanks :)
ing: Sehemyr
Very cool SC realization!!
Appreciation for the post and the link to your uber run--well done!

little upgrade my gear yestarday and hit 6.07 mln shaper DPS :)

This is my last upgrade on this league...
im done. lvl100 and soon 40 challenges (need only few izaro bexes open) :))

ing: Sehemyr
Kinda nuts, only about 4x my best effort at dps. Goes to show what is possible with unlimited SC budget :>
Well done.

Just wanted to offer my hearty thanks for this build. Playing on Xbox, my mileage does indeed vary, but there was enough in the tank to get past the Shaper. (SC with Deaths mind you) Well thought out, well explained, and with extensive testing of alternatives - very nice. Regards
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Very pleased to hear it worked out on that platform. :>


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