[3.5-3.9 HC] Pure Herald of Agony Jugg. All content. Videos. Dual wielding Cold Iron Variant added.

What's the best way to craft a really good helmet, should I just buy a lvl 86 elder base and hope to hit +3 with a essence of insanity?

The other option would be to just go with a +2, maybe with an enchant. I am currently running
so I can fit hatred as well.

My current helm is:
Would it be possible to do a MF of this build?

Here are the items I'm thinking

Waist: Bisco's Leash
Boots: Goldwyrm
Gloves: Sadima's
Amulet: Bisco's Collar

Think that would be viable? I know barrage may be lacking from gloves, but the helmet slot is still open for our agony ability.
I'm doing a bit of mf with

Do everything with them except for uber elder.
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Re Helmet craft:

Best helms are going to be made with an Elder ilvl 86 using either bound fossil (Looking for +3 & Minion damage) Or using insanity essense (looking for +3 OR minion damage) Absolute best ofc would be insanity essence getting +3 AND Minion damage . . . good luck . . . .

What do you think about this build compared to yours?

Re comparison of scourge build:

Without getting into a point by point comparison, I can say generally that the variation you linked is assuredly a strong sc build, and its dps looks like it well exceeds that of this one. But it is not an hc build. Not to suggest that any build is unkillable, But the duration of your hc game with a +/- 6.5k life pool at full build will be dramatically shorter than your game with a +/- 9.5k life pool at full build.

Stated differently, that build is optimized for damage, this one is optimized for survival.

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The scourge build is impressively powerful, some good pointers picked up there. But I prefer Orion's as I'm more partial towards tanky builds even as I play in softcore. And you can always tailor more offense to the build, as I have.

Latest change: added onslaught as a 6 link to the rain of arrows, and coupled with taking quick step on the passive tree, I find my manoeuvrability really high now, helping me more in boss fights, while improving my life gained/heal too.
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Hi guys,

i played a little different "self constructed" build of this in 3.5 (hc) that was very good. Now after i stupidly died in 3.6 with an op spectre build im on our tanky boy again. Run's really well, i'm on 8k Life, Gluttony Belt was the BEST item i didn't knew before this build. Just did my first guardians (low tier) und uber lab easy.

Actually i'm on a belly of the beast und i know kaom's would give about +800 now. Next thing is i'm on a simple +2 Helmet and i will look/craft a +3. What i don't know yet; can anyone explain me how the physical to lightning support works for the herald - he is converting phys to chaos so why convert it to lightning before, in my noob understanding there won't be phys dmg left to convert into chaos (i know that's not the case but i want to understand it please xD)

Good luck exiles
Re phys to lightning:

Herald actually starts with 100% phys and converts 40% of it to chaos. If you use the phys to light gem, another 50% of the phys gets converted to lightning. You end up with the Herald doing a mix of 10% phys, 40% chaos, 50% lightning before any other modifiers.

Good luck!

Celebrating the upcoming patch notes, which finally includes the fix we've been waiting for:

Fossils and essences can now be used on fractured items.
Only sad part is I failed to take my own advice and stock up on insanities (I used the ones I had for crafting instead) and they have already tripled or more in price. That said, I expect they will continue to go up from here. Strong buy recommendation stays in effect.

Your stock adviser,

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