[3.5-3.9 HC] Pure Herald of Agony Jugg. All content. Videos. Dual wielding Cold Iron Variant added.

Agony starts 100% phys and converts 40% to chaos. When you use phys to lightning, you end up with another 50% converted to light (+the added as portion) and 10% remaining phys.

For HC--nope, insufficiently tanky for my current level of patience. Maybe break time for a while.

This post is mainly written for the newer players like me who are trying to get the build going with most of the things it needs to function well.

Today i understood why Orion said some posts b that minion life skill at the helm hurts the build..If you dont get a minion damage only helm you dont have enough unreserved mana to use the aspect of the spider craft ..

Now that i got a helm with only minion damage and got rid of the minion life +minion damage one,even with aspect of the spider + Hoa + war banner i am left with 70 mana witch is enough to cast barrage.

But if i had the life + dmg helm i wouldnt be able to use all of the three mentioned above.

P.S. Dont get fooled by these guys selling aspect of the spider for 3-4 ex ..
Its way cheaper compared to betrayal league ..

I got mine today for 70 chaos

RE: Phys to Lightning

If you're going to replace a little bit of health nodes with damage, how about replacing Thief's Torment with 2 high end rings with +20 LGOH and a lot of life? That might mitigate some of the one-hit worries, of course with the caveat that it's probably insanely expensive.
Orion72 a écrit :

Re comparison of helms: The one with minion damage is giving you around 45% -more- damage. I would absolutely use that one, even with its defect (minion life is a defect, for sure) until I found a clean helm with +2/+3 and minion damage.

Thanks for the helpfull advice!
Re replacing thief's torment:

I have tried this, and it is workable (though significantly more expensive and -slightly- less tanky in the LGOH department) -if- you throw in a few +mana on hit jewels, though the play still isn't quite as smooth. It's the mana you will miss more than the life with that setup.


Clarification--the mana isn't a problem 90% of the time. It's in fights with bosses without adds (i.e. shaper/some guardians) where poacher's mark is working at much reduced effectiveness on your mana gain that it feels bad without +mana on hit jewels. Figuring out how many of those you need is a matter of feel/taste.

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Saw a poster earlier in the thread with crafted elder rings and amulet, adding -mana cost as a prefix to basically make skills free to use.

Gonna try crafting them as I min-max the build, which I'm starting to. My endgame gear and setup atm:

mapping gear:

Gonna try for these min-maxed items:

- essence of insanity elder helm + crawler enchant
- elder rings
- curse enfeeble on hit tombfist (for deep delving)
- ammy with additional curse (for deep delving)
- chest + defensive corruptions
Hi im trying to min-max the gear here,which one do u think would give us more dps?
version1, Insanity helmet with +3gem+20 minion dmg support,physical dmg to lightning dmg support gem and EE in passive.
version2.+3 elder bow with 20lvl Vicious Projectiles Support,(that will be 7link)

sry i still trying to figuring out how to insert our pet's dps in POB appropriate.
Hi there!

First thx OP for this amazing build. Rolled it first time as 3rd char in Betrayal with some currency.


Could facetank all except the shaper ray.

In the curent league I rolled it as starter and im pretty happy.
Wanted to try the version with Kaom's and its doing pretty well till now :D

I’ve heard that essences should start working on fractured gear in the next patch which is probably next week
Re insanity Helm vs. bow

If there is a bow that can be crafted to give the HOA +3 (I have not really looked into this) then a 7 link bow of that type would surely be better dps. But you will have no better than 55% of the overall LGOH from a quill rain build, rendering your build unfit for hc and less durable in sc. Not a worthwhile trade imo, even though your dps is greater.

Re: calculating pet's dps in POB: Select HOA skill, select tail spike as weapon (since that is most frequent) go to configuration and turn up virulence to 40, turn up poison stacks to 9 if using vile toxins, turn up wither stacks to 15 if you have withering touch in your barrage setup. Also turn on hit by cold/fire if you have EE and are going that route with insanity helm/phys to lightning.

re Tanking Shaper's ray: That is odd. I have definitely stood there while barraging Shaper without a problem (though it really isnt necessary, ofc).

Re craftability of fractured gear: Been hoping for that--stock up on your insanity essence and +2 minion level locked fractured helm bases now ;>

Re thankyous: You're welcome :>


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