[3.5 HC] Pure Herald of Agony Jugg 8k+ life gain/second. All content. Videos.

Spider will slot most likely ammy, boots, or helm.
Orion72 a écrit :
Re Insanity Helms:

If you want an insanity helm now, grab an ivll 75+ elder helm and apply an insanity essence. The 50% phys as lightning mod is automatic. You win when you also roll EITHER a "+2 to level of minion gems" mod OR a "supported by minion damage" mod. If you roll both at the same time with your insanity craft, post the result here so anyone else running the build can be properly filled with jealously.


Ideally we want that on a bone helmet base right?

Got this so far, not sure if I should try recrafting

Dernière édition par Synteximus, le 16 mars 2019 15:23:23
Considering it is actually quite hard to roll +2/miniond dmg support due to like 15 prefixes on elder helmets, unless you have a backup one or few ex worth of Essence of Insanity, I would leave it for now.

I'd pick good enchant on any elder helmet over elder bone helmet with no enchant (or actually I did). I'd go for HOA/Hatred mana reserved reduction enchant to run both. If You dont want to use Hatred, go for +2 projectiles on HOA.

Agree with above post. That's a great roll, though the bonus from having a bone helmet is much smaller than you would think.

Isn't an elder bone helmet still bis now that lab enchants occupy their own line, and not the implicit?

Managed to squeeze in a sadima's and quant ammy so got a bit of mf on me as I do red maps, and at 7k life. One of the stronger and cost-effective builds of mine that have managed to do so. So thanks again, Orion, for the build guide.

Found a useful extra of defense: Just put mirror arrow in my maloney's quiver, and with a high-lvl chaos golem, I'm able to get taunt quite regularly (got minions on taunt on a ghastly).
Dernière édition par Quixote77, le 17 mars 2019 02:55:42
Re Elder Bone helm: Surely an ilvl 86 elder bone helm would be the best crafting base by a little, but the extra minion damage doesn't amount to more than a 1-2% increase overall most of the time, so I don't worry about it, given the vast extra expense.

I'm also trying out mirror arrow as the third gem in maloney's (after tox rain>maim) and I like it so far--jury is still out)

Plans for an experiment this build using an insanity helm, substituting phys-lightning for vicious proj, spending the nodes to take ele eq, and taking at least a little fire or cold damage on gloves or ammy. looks promising per POB.

In this thread I've barely seen mentions of +3 to minion gems with Level 20 Minion Damage Support. Is it because we're going for as budget as possible while still having pretty good gear?

I think the price difference between a +2 and a +3 helm with both isn't that big, because the +2 one would already be at a premium.

Enjoying this build a lot so far btw. Still sticking to Pierce as opposed to Vile Toxins (mostly because I forget), but since there're +3 extra targets pierced implicits in synthesized quivers now, if you add the +2 affix you might not need the Pierce Support Gem at all. It's pretty expensive for sure but could be done?

Thanks for the hard work!
Does it make sense to use this

instead of this
? Minion life doesn't make sense with the crawler, does it? I cannot run arctic armor, if I use the sinner tricone, plus I loose ~350 life and lots of resists. But it's one link more...

By the way: Thank's for the build - it's easier (cheaper) to start than the Maxblock-Champion HoA-Build Id tried last league...
Dernière édition par Jack_ante_portas, le 19 mars 2019 10:22:43
Re: +2 vs +3 helm: My experience is that the cost of the ilvl 86 elder base is actually -much- higher. You would definitely want the +3 helm if you could get it (about 15% more damage) but it's probably the second to last piece of gear you acquire (the last being the lvl 4 empower)

Re Pierce implicit on quiver: This is useful for our barrage, but it does nothing for the crawler. You will still want pierce for clear. Vile toxins is a swap for tough bosses only. You will notice a substantial difference when you swap it in--highly recommended for Guardians+.

Re comparison of helms: The one with minion damage is giving you around 45% -more- damage. I would absolutely use that one, even with its defect (minion life is a defect, for sure) until I found a clean helm with +2/+3 and minion damage.

Re My ongoing experiment: I am giving up quite a bit of tankiness, but the damage on my currennt experiment is just ridiculous.
Links for this helm are HOA>DOFL>Pierce>PHYS TO LIGHTNING, I have a little bit of flat fire damage on my barrage from gloves (can also get this on an abyss jewel), I spent the nodes to get elemental equilibrium, and the results are amazing, even though I don't have withering touch yet, which will provide ANOTHER almsot 50% boost in damage. In hc I might be sacrificing too much tank for this--jury is out, but it's very fun for now. In sc there is no question that this set-up will do even more damage. Looks like as much as 1/3 more than the original set up, per POB.

How does the chaos portion of agony work? Is it 40% converted to chaos, 40% gained as chaos? I swapped over to a hatred setup finally and now I was deciding between phys to lightning vs added fire for my 2nd element to pick my EE element. I’m using added fire but phys to lightning looks more appealing. It reduces the damage increase of war banner but EE more than makes up for this.


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