[3.7] life Mjolner done right by Rico - Juggernaut version (all content viable) this is a buff!

Shaghar a écrit :
Soooo ive done Elder a few times now ,, no worries at all with this build

BUT , the shaper dies every time

whats the secret with this build ? or am i doing something wrong ?

thanks in advance

You need to use Frost Wall. I changed my shield color to use a blue golem and against the elder I switch the golem to Frost Wall, anyway the golem doesn't last long in this fight.

Shaper doesn't die ever even on T16 maps using Frost Wall.

I never lose.
Either I win
Or I learn
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Achnod a écrit :
Jewels will help.
If you can afford it, I'd get a voll devotion that isn't corrupted.
If you can afford it, I'd get a corrupted romira banquets with %increased intel corruption.

You could also take the "deep wisdom" node for an easy 20 int and remove it later.

Yeah, jewels and a nice Romira Banquet corruption helps a ton. Try to get some on your other rare ring as well.

I never lose.
Either I win
Or I learn
- Nelson Mandela
Hey, I'm trying to make an ES version of a Mjolner cyclone arc build myself. This guide gives me great insight into mechanics that I didn't even know existed previously. To confirm, the cooldown on Mjolner is 165 ms, and thus, anything up to 6 APS should be safe for triggering a single Arc, right?

Actually, does the cyclone tooltip and PoB already take into account the fact Cyclone hits 2x per attack?
Dernière édition par KiraPoE, le 3 avr. 2019 11:08:12
omg this build is so freaking amazing
and btw,for people who just starting this build,just buy a 6 link kingsguard,i bought mine 6 linked for 1 exalted,after i used like 500 fus on my own :')
bought today a watchers eye jewel with 2 purity rolls so even moar tankyness
a 40 discharge helmet,and a 21/23 discharge gem
now i can upgrade some jewels in my tree
thanks for the help guys and for rico,you made a freaking awesome build and a great guide :d
Dernière édition par shumi82, le 5 avr. 2019 07:34:07
posted on wrong page X_X
Dernière édition par Plzwork123, le 5 avr. 2019 00:03:08
so to be shure i'm right,my in game attack per second is 0.26 sec,if i then do 1(1 second) / 0.26 = 3.846 wich is to fast for a single spel mjolnir right? so if i just unlevel my faster attacks to level 10 i think that should fix it and brings it as close to the 3.75
or should i use path of building for that
then i have atm a attack rate of 3.90 so that's also to high and should i aim for 3.75 in path of building as single discharge in my mjolnir?
Got this double corruption :)

now i can use chest piece like this

and found a +2 gems on gloves to get more fire resist from purity
helps to min max the resist for RF
gratz ,but aren't you afraid that you will get above the max attacks / second with almost perma onslaught?
I am not sure i am attack speed capped.
Based my pob, i have 4.07 attack/cast rate with cyclone

with % 14 cdr on belt, i think i am fine.
correct me pls if i am wrong
i'm quoting rico :
Switching to Discharge solo + 2x support in Mjolner. Max 3 Cyclone APS needed if no CDR belt, max 3.74 Cyclone APS needed with 14% CDR (highly recommended). Use Discharge with Controlled Destruction and Increased AoE for mapping and Discharge + Controlled Destruction + Ele Focus for Bosses. Conc Effect + Ele Focus can also be used for Bosses for maximum DPS but you need to aim your Cyclone good with this setup!
so as we use a single discharge setup now,we only need like 3.74 with a 14 cdr belt,i think you looked for the attacks per second for the dual spell setup

another quote:

As you can see with 0% CDR maximum allowed Cyclone APS (for 2 spells) is 6.06. I would still recommend to use slightly less values just to be safe, so 6 APS.
With at least 14% CDR we need 7.5 cyclone APS for spells to fully utilize 132ms cooldown (impossible as Cyclone based Mjolner) or with one spell (Discharge only) - we need up to 3.75 Cyclone APS with 14%+ CDR (up to 3 APS with 0% CDR).


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