[R.I.P.] life Mjolner done right by Rico - Juggernaut version - R.I.P. thx to "balancing" policy

Is there a way to reduce the 250ms cooldown? e.g. cooldownrecovery?
Dernière édition par rh_company, le 24 sept. 2020 09:42:41
just tried this build with a chieftan.
cast speed for discharge is 1.33 per second

yes i tried 250 ms jewel with 40 int in radius.
RIP me, my only "viable" build, I just came back after a few months off, then I'll just go again I guess.
Doing the math the just over doubling of the damage, the removal of the when triggered penalty balances out EXACTLY the 60% less dmg as well as the locked 250ms cooldown for discharge.

The old and new version of the build are within 1% of each other...

I wouldn't go as far as declaring the build dead LOL

Rico please revive :P


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