[3.6] life Mjolner done right by Rico - Juggernaut version (all content viable) this is a buff!

Shaghar a écrit :

im very interested in the change up to this build , keep me posted , love the extra dps with the cwdt

I'm not sure where to go from here, its mostly a survivability issue.
More DPS is easy when i can use RF, but it's irritating without actually sustaining it.

Could add a watcher's eye with additional phys->ele like recommended, safe for a high level enlighten and change my helm enchant to eighter stone golem buff effect. (can put that to shield, i don't use movement skills much anyway with 126% runspeed).... or 40% discharge damage which should still be around 8-10% more.
Also interested in putting one point in ES-leech with increased recovery cap on watcher's eye, would add around 200 regen through leech that's always active as long as RF is running... then get quality vaal RF... or better jewels...

There's a lot to do but nothing left that's even remotely cheap.
With perfect gear i can see this going up to 1mil shaper DPS with all buffs active, but that's still a long way to go.

Extremely strong though, it's the first build i've ever played that can run all maps and mods with only little chance of death. Mostly if i forget to switch gear for elemental reflect.

How important is the 6 link on Kingsguard? I assume you take away Culling Strike on a 5 link. Thanks!
RicoKGB a écrit :

2) Devoto's 25% + 20% from passive tree = 45%. Add 5%+ from jewel / ring.

But in the final tree there are no chaos res nodes taken. That's why i'm confused about this.

It happens that i got another question when i was transitioning from 3.5 build to 3.6 - is higher APS than we need harmful for proc rate or it's negligible?
Dernière édition par MrOger, le 23 mars 2019 09:34:57
First off Rico, Thanks a ton for this build! wanted to build it for the last few leagues, and things lined up well this time, so enjoying it immensely! had a few questions:

1) My Curse on Hit doesn't seem to be triggering. Either that, or it is, but too much screen noise to tell. I can probably only see it on bosses (other stuff dies too fast), but can't seem to see it on them. Is there a trick to setting this up in the gloves? or am I just not seeing the icon in all the explosions?

2) Have you considered Unyeilding instead of Unbreakable in the Jugg tree? that extra damage and AoE would seem to be a nice addition to the build, or is the combo of RF + the health regen just that much better? Which do you think would do more damage?

EDIT: just tested the curse issue, and it seems to be a bug. When I trigger the curse manually, the curse icon shows up. But when I trigger it via the CoH, I can see the debuff on the mobs, but no curse Icon.
Dernière édition par Temjiu, le 27 mars 2019 16:15:04
Hello Rico,

have you ever considered:

It is not as much damage as Inya but saved my life a lot of times as I never recognize Bleeds.

Also thank you very much for the build its incredibly strong.

Best regards
Dernière édition par Mirathas, le 24 mars 2019 12:47:50
Got my first ever uber elder kill on this guy. Thank you so much for the build guide.
Thanks for a great discharge build!! I have one question.

When a character is hit by a mob with vengeance, the discharge skill attached to mjolner is activated automatically.

In this case, is the internal cooldown (150ms) of mjolner applied?
(Vengeance has a cooltime of 1.2 seconds)

If the weapon's internal cooldown applies, I wonder if vengeance should be considered to match the attack speed.(3.74)
Dernière édition par pk708, le 26 mars 2019 11:47:52
First off, awesome build! Played it last League and had a 6 Link Kingsguard drop in some lvl 70 Delve this time, so here we go again i guess! :)

on the matter, was going to try do a dual wield Mjölnir but after reading alot of contradicting posts im still a tad confused about the target aps.

The plan is to use Cyclone with two Mjölnir(s?). Discharge + 2 supports in mainhand, other spell + 2 supports in offhand. Since Cyclone hits twice per attack but simultaneously, the aps values from guide should remain correct?
Any other pointers on the matter are appreciated aswell, ofc.

Thx Rico!
APS requirements stay the same, it's easier to reach with dual mjolner, and both spells are full power. It's a tradeoff against survivability, nothing more or less.
One thing to consider: you loose another 3 sockets.
And I'm already starving for sockets with a shield... would love to fit in stone golem/holy relic cwdt for regen against righteous fire.
3 less and it's a severe loss.
Dernière édition par Nephalon, le 27 mars 2019 04:46:38
I've been playing it one or two chars every league, big fan.

Isnt it worth to take the first ES leech in the Light Eater cluster to make use of our es that is around 700 ish? Seems worth to gain 700 Es for just 2 points.


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