[3.12 UPDATED] - Bergerbrush's Impale Cyclone Champion - League Starter & Beginner Friendly!

Thx for this great build. here is my stuff.

i killed all bosses except sirus. damage is no problem with my cluster jewels. i think i need some survivability. any suggestions or tips for killing sirus? ty! u can check my profile for cluster jewels. dps is really good i think.

Just curious, how much dps I should have with a normal gear, with a decent gear and with a end game gear with this build?
"Medium Cluster Jewels have between 4-6 Added Passives. 6 is the best."

Hmm, I thought it stated that the lower added passive the better ?
Any tips for vaal temple t16 trio? I can take uber elder guardians deathless but man that ranged trio boss just 1 shots me on entering arena even without damage affixes.
For every1 who is struggling with low clear speed, here us a solution:

It should be named as i linked. Try this, You will see huge difference!
Hi all, I'm quite new to crafting and I'm wondering what my options are here to finish off my Astral Plate: I crafted this from scratch thanks to someone's step by step help. I think it turned out okay, but I would like 6 lines on it.

One option I can think of is craft block a bad mod and slam an exalted orb and hope for a good roll? Or do you think keeping the percentage armor is best?

The other option apparently I can get a veiled mod put on it and hope for a double one. I'm not sure how this works though.. so if someone could help me out that would be amazing. Let me know which option you would usually do.

Thanks a lot, you guys are amazing and so helpful to us noobs.
can you post examples of "medium expensive" large/medium cluster jewels ? Clue what to search on poe.trade .. :) I am confused. TY
Im pretty confused, do we use both assasin mark on hit and wind-up or only one of them?
hi, im kind of new to poe, played the last 3 season and the beginner guide was easy to understand and also the experianced player guide.
i do not understand anything from your cluster jewel guide.
im using loth stone large cluster and have the same skilltree as you here (see my charackter here: https://poe.ninja/challengessf/builds/char/ShoninyasTube/Shoninya_Impale_Cyclone?i=6&search=skill%3DCyclone%26allskill%3DFlesh-and-Stone%26maxlevel%3D83%26cyclone-support%3DImpale-Support)

is here anything i can improve?
playing ssf first time
Not sure if this will help anyone, but it took me forever to learn how to import my large cluster jewel with "Deep Cuts" and "Wind-up" into PoB. For some reason PoB was having issues properly loading that specific jewel (nothing past the jewel itself was showing up, no small passives, just the jewel). In game, hover over the jewel and press ctrl+c, then in PoB under the items tab, click "create custom". Now just ctrl+v and boom, the jewel properly shows up in PoB!


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