[3.10] Spectral Throw AllDayEveryDay | All Content | 18.4M Shaper Dps (Reflection + Impale)

the build is pretty much the same @ mojo8850 concerning build route and itemization. Only thing u could use in 3.12 is the alternate spectral throw with 1 extra projectile, but u would have to give up vaal spectral throw, which is not worth it imo.

While the build is fun,you are capped at a certain point.

After testing lacerate, ground slam and earthshatter, i have to say that investing heavily into this build is not worth it.

I'd highly recomment tailwind elusive boots. if u cant affford these, id go for other builds as they are quicker.

Lacerate gladiator with challenger stacks is much cheaper and as fast as spectral throw, while offering a simular playstyle.

The budget version with 2 beltimber blades, circle of guilt and the Nomad works fine for clearing regular t16 maps though.

So if u really like spectral throw go for it. After you obtain a 450+ foil/paradoxica plus the saviour the only real upgrade that helps clearing full delirous maps or t16+ zana mod delirous maps is a headhunter.
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