[3.10] Spectral Throw AllDayEveryDay | All Content | 18.4M Shaper Dps (Reflection + Impale)

Hi, sorry for the question but it's normal that the sentinels from purity fire ST like me?

NVM it's the Saviour, shame on me, sorry.
Dernière édition par Raynarth, le 8 mai 2020 09:34:23
how do you get the int you need for lvl 20 int gems?
how do u get enough mana space to have all everything reserved

I'm planning to run this build as my 3.11 starter.
Should i go for a basic cyclone setup for the first few days or would u say ST should be fine when i reach maps?
Its viable for 3.11?
Will be an update?

The Saviour: Mirage Warriors have been renamed Mirage Saviours, to differentiate them from those created by General's Cry. Strike skills used by Mirage Saviours cannot hit additional targets. This affects all existing versions of the item. This change is required to maintain server performance, as builds using The Saviour with certain Strike skills were causing enough calculations to put noticeable strain on the servers. It was accidentally missed in the Development Manifesto.

As per 3.11 Patch Notes, does this affect the build? I was planning on doing this as a league starter.

EDIT: Further reading this shouldn't be a nerf since we don't use strike skills, impale took a nerf due to Deep Cuts being removed, although that was a major buff from 3.10 and doesn't affect the build much.

Biggest things I can see is slower proj nerf might be a thing for single target.
Dernière édition par Narna, le 17 juin 2020 21:57:08
I don't know if anyone has tested this yet but i'm trying out this build but do you think its better to just get one curse ring and then anoint assassination? or get the Whispers of Doom anointment and get vulnerability on my other ring as well?
Edit: How do you manage to spam Spectral throw, pob says you only have 1% mana left. Cant be just through the jewelry mods with less mana cost?^^ I mean in the one PoB from your Video Spectral throw needs 0 mana lol

Dernière édition par Larokan, le 14 août 2020 15:19:15
Can this be updated To 3.12 please and thank you


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