[3.12] 1h Impale Cyclone Slayer. All content viable with cheap gear. No required items.

Hello, this is a great build. I am using a champ variant and its pretty strong. I was wondering which fossile you use to craft a Hunter Stygian Vise and other pieces like the glove, helm, etc.

I am fairly new to fossil crafting and want to craft my own pieces to save money. I have a Elder Astral, Hunter Stygian Vise and ilvl 88 Spiked gloves waiting to be made into something good, I would appreciate any advice on how to fossil craft and make my build better in general regarding gear or skill wise, Thank you and keep up the good work!
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Dex, how do I know which brutal restraing give me the stats as the same in your pastebin. Because when I use you cheap version of brutal restraint my Cyclone gos to almost 10mil DMG, and Vaal Cyclone goes up to 15mil. But my jewel just give me 3mil on Cyclone and 5mil on Vaal. The numbes of the seeds matter? How does that work? And how can I buy a Brutal Restraint as good as your chep one?

Buy the cheapest BR jewel you can, then use Divine Orbs until you get good effects. Dex posted on page 35 what are god ones, a page or two back someone else had a different suggestion. Check the POE Wiki for timeless jewels for an overview of how they work.

First of all:
Nice build, been playing something similar in legion and this league again.
Just took some other nodes in the tree, but all in all, thanks to you dex ;)

Concerning the timeless jewel:
You both are now talking about brutal restraint.
The one mentioned on page 35 was lethal pride.
Now I dont know, if both of them can grant the same stats.
Either way, it`s like dex said. It depends on what you want the jewel to be.
Do you want defense? Do you want offense? Or a little bit of both?
That depends on your gear and what you feel your build is lacking.
Hello. I am currently playing with this build but my damage feels really low. I am pretty new to the game and cannot work out why I have such low damage. I would really appreciate it if someone could look at my gear and give me some tips about what I need to change.

Thank you very much for this great guide by the way.


Here is a pastebin for my build if any kind person would like to look at it in pob.

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HI again, on PoB the saviour is less dps than Paradoxica. On your PoB saviour has 100% more damage is it your way to add the clones to the DPS overall ?
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HI again, on PoB the saviour is less dps than Paradoxica. On your PoB saviour has 100% more damage is it your way to add the clones to the DPS overall ?

Correct. The way The Saviour works is that it spawns 2x clones of wichever attack dealt a crit. It then deals the same damage but 50% less meaning that 2x clones will deal 100% damage of the character that dealt the crit. With that said, I'm personally not a fan of the sword and I will definitely not buy it in future leagues because of how the "minion" behaviour works.
Dex, first of all, thank you very much for this build, it's awesome and fun to play. I killed Sirus lv6 with this build (didn't farm enough to get all 32 watchstones).

Could you please take one moment of your time to see (if possible make some corrections) to my pastebin?


I would love to see a feedback from the master.


Thanks a ton for the guide. Knew I should of started with Cyclone after loving it in every previous league instead of a squishy bow character. Got a couple questions for you.

1. What do you think is the next crucial upgrade for me? A pride impale watchers eye? Fort or Phys helm? Better Paradoxica with attack speed? Bottled faith?

2. What amulet anointment do you recommend? Currently using Bladedancer, is there one I might of missed?

Note that I plan on slamming my chest with a hunter exalt, just unsure if I should block anything.

Well killed sirius 8 at 82 with 1 deaths cuz of lag but killed it a few times in higher lvls with 0 deaths.

Im really think about gettin 500+ pdps foil in saviour slot.Cuz of those AI its not that good.

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is this okay for the build i see you are using a diamond ring and normal res ring :)

also my lethal pride gives me is it worth keeping?

15% melee crit multi
5% chance double damage x 2
10% fortify

also what is best enchant for boots?
Dernière édition par AngusKhanTheGreat, le 20 janv. 2020 08:10:09
Hi there Dex,

Would it be too much to ask for if you could take a look at my Character, for some reason i think my auras a little off with this build.

SlayerMeCrazy is the character . Thank you, lovely build.


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