[3.9] Krovah's Berserker Frost Blades |In-Depth Guide| - Annihilate the Atlas, Shaper & FPS

I feeling my damage is bit low for t14 and t15 corrupted maps.
I'm not with super budget gear, I have 4 exalts to spend, anyone could help me with what in my gear is suboptimal?

Hi Krovah :)
Ty for u build
i rly enjoy play it :P
this is my gear so far on Blight

first foil make myself, secoud buy base from my guildmate and rest craft on table
(first is not done yet i need rerol values)
how can i compare my with ele pen to only pdps foil without penetration
helm, chest and ring craft my self too
i know gear is not perfect but i working on it

PoB show me 5.1mln shaper dps its not bad i think

i go for more survi and take Acrobatics and phase acrobatics nodes instead of Disemboweling because Blight mobs hits hard :D

What do you think about this?

ing: Sehemyr
What are the recommended anointed nodes?
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xaeror35 a écrit :
What are the recommended anointed nodes?

I personally recommend Blade Master - you got phys damage, attack speed, accuracy and weapon range :) and u need only silver oil and two shitty oils..

or if u need dual curse and u can't get it on chest - Whispers of Doom - but its not cheep option - 2 x golden oil :/
ing: Sehemyr
This is the most fun build I played throughout 3.7. Now in 3.8, it's the only build I can think about. I'm currently playing an OP summoner and it's so boring. I'm coming back to Zerker FB for more insane action. Looking at Master of Force for anointment.
Did I miss the Pantheon setup? I don't seem to find it.

This has been a fun build to play so far. Thanks!
Could use some advice on where to go from here. I have about 4ex. I feel a bit squishy and can get lit up in red maps quickly with some Blight mobs or legion.

Tempered Flesh Jewel was changed this patch to 7% crit multi per 10 Str in radius from 5%. However, POB doesn't recognize it and the stat on the Jewel is in red. Meaning, the crit multi isn't applying. You can fix this by editing the item and making it look like this:

+5% to Critical Strike Multiplier per 10 Strength on Unallocated Passives in Radius
+7% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
Sorry to ask but is there a reason we use hypothermia over something like rage support which has more dps?
Hello,I was wondering if carrion golem could replace frost golem in this build?


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