[3.7] Rake's Tectonic Slam Equipment Guide - from League Start to Endgame

Just thought about it...Will WILD STRIKE Fire be decent or even better for this build?
Clear speed is better with eild strike fire, alyhough not sure about dps on boss.
Hey guys, trying to resurrect this build for 3.9 and was hoping you all could help a bit if anyone still follows this build.


Couple of notes:
- I changed to jugg for easier endurance charges and tankiness. Felt like I was
getting one shotted by metas a lot.
- Mana sustain seems to be pretty good with ruthless, but have a bit of issues
if i use elemental focus. POB says ele focus is more dps though.
- Even with 6k hp it still feels like I am a bit squishy in T16 maps.
- DPS feels pretty decent, but not as strong as the oni-goroshi variant of this
- It also seems like Fire Pen is very very necessary to do real damage in 3.9
since all the bosses/monsters are much more tankier now.

Any suggestions on how i could be more efficient with my tree and be more tanky/higher dps?

Dernière édition par dgmsti2012, le 7 janv. 2020 05:47:25
any guy rebuild this for 3.11 ?


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