[3.7] Rake's Tectonic Slam Equipment Guide - from League Start to Endgame

Do you have suggestion of pantheon?

Beautiful post you are a god!!
Wonderful post and so very helpful. Thank you so much for your time and effort on this
thx for the guide will definitely use it for 3.7. i made a tectonic slam jugg as my second character during flashback but it had a couple of unique mandatory item

i was also using abyssus. Your build look better for a league starter and also end game so totally going to try that.
TioSahn a écrit :

Do you have suggestion of pantheon?

Beautiful post you are a god!!

Major God: Soul of Lunaris
Minor God: Soul of Tukohama

I personally liked Soul of Lunaris over Brine King and Solaris. It's just a nice little defensive boost while mapping. But if you have problems with Stuns, just switch to Brine King. If you want a little bit more extra defense against physical Bosses, use Solaris.

But both shouldn't be necessary.
I will start this, thx 4 guide.
Everyone else: "Do you have the slightest idea how difficult and time consuming it is to put every variable into 1 (ONE!) pob link? What else do you want? Maybe an included tier list of items based on estimated currency? Seperate leveling trees based on acts? ROFL! I just throw a new link in everytime i make an update and everytime at a different hidden section of the guide where you only find it after clicking on >5 spoiler tags, so that no one can figure out which one is the newest and with which one you should start out with. Stupid pleb ... 1 pob link ... make my day."

Rake7: "Hold my beer ..."
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i feel like the price of t3 sword are more than 50c-1ex. maybe its just because not that much people play synthesis or flashback but in synthesis the cheapest 350+ Pdps is 5ex and flashback is 10ex. (only checking online people so like i said maybe its just because people are not playing anymore at this point lol)
very nice guide bro , i'm gonna use this in 3.7

and i'm glad to see my weapon i sold you in T0 gear
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Huge respect for this guide, I didn't even know it was possible for some of these higher tier items to exist! I have a feeling any fractured items i.e. the boots with onslaught/42% ms will be nigh impossible to get in 3.7, and of course prices early on in the league will be at least 2x the prices you've got here. Not to mention 3.7 will be saturated with melee builds; these items will be in high demand, much more so than they were in Synthesis, which was caster-oriented. So really, prices will likely be 3x as more expensive as written here. Even Ahn's might/Scaeva will be 4-5c early on, if I had to guess.

However, this is still a really nice resource for determining the next best upgrade for any melee character, as a lot of the higher tier items will be BiS for many different melee-based builds.

I plan on going melee so I'll have this guide bookmarked.


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