[3.8] LiftingNerdBro's Uber Lab Warchief Totem Champion - Great League Starter!

Great guide Lifting, this is my 3rd toon in this league, Started RF then went a dual wield both were fun and had there own benefits but had never done uber lab before even in standard as i normally play melee based toons and never have the gear to facetank (as my old pc sucked with a nice 12 fps) :-). But went your build and cleared acts easily and done my 1st uber at 75 with max resists and only 1400 armour bout 16% and a tabula with just under 4k life and it stomped, only died on 1 run where i moved behind a totem and his wind attack got me other than that have had it on farm.

Appreciate the guide and thanks again.
Great build guide! Its my third char in the current league and by far the most tanky and safe, perfect build for HC. Did all act bosses without any problems, merc lab is easy as hell, even with pretty low level. Did maps up to tier 6 at lvl 70. Looking forward to do the uber labs.

Thank you very much bro! As always a very detailed and well structured guide!
Build with gruthkul starts to peter out in early red maps due to the sheer amount of incoming damage. You will have to drop it for a belly or kaoms if you want to kill shaper

Haven't done uber lab myself. After 250 maps only the same three trials ever spawn 😡
I knew it some popular dude had to make a guide with that body armor since it jumped 500% in price according to poeninja and I just wanted to buy it.
I'm using a belly now instead, like half of the price and can pass it on to many other builds
Thanks for the build!
I have a few question to you.
1)What do you think about phase run instead vortex as defence gem against enemies in expensive version of your build?
2)Why i have same duration time of immortal call (3 sec with end. charges) with and without inc. dur? =\
3)In Your opinion, what is decent lvl of CWDT for 7,5k hp?
Thanks in advance for answers! <3
Ok, build just made me start laughing maniacally/uncontrollably. Been leveling the build and just finished up Act 9 with 0 deaths so far, but not just 0 deaths, I have felt so ridiculously safe with it that I thought, "hell why not? let's try Merc Lab at Lv62!" ... and it was one of the easiest lab runs I've ever had, even being underleveled by 6 levels. Only build I have ever felt this safe with is my Low Life RF build, and even that didn't start making me feel this super safe until Lv80+.
pera00vr a écrit :
I knew it some popular dude had to make a guide with that body armor since it jumped 500% in price according to poeninja and I just wanted to buy it.

i don't think it's going to last. it's a great armor, but not being able to cast spells leaves you horribly open to being one shot in anything beyond uber lab. I had to replace it with a belly and take the dps hit to the totems to continue farming low red maps and not be insta gibbed by a leap slamming exile boss as soon as he enters the screen, which is followed by his ranged boss buddie's arrows.

now i have two cwdt setups, flip between flame and stone golem depending on what i'm trying to do and can use vaal lightning trap. i don't know that this is a shaper build or uber atziri build, but it's the build that has taken me the furthest in this game. ever.
anyone attempt shaper with this yet? And uber?
I do not get the onslaught buff when i use the devotos belt. any idea why?
yes i do have the permanent fortify


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