[3.14 UPDATED] - Bergerbrush's Impale Cyclone Champion - League Starter & Beginner Friendly!

On the slayer version, why do you not take Vaal Pact?
Jekersep a écrit :
On the slayer version, why do you not take Vaal Pact?

No need for Vaal Pact when you play Bloodseeker :p
This build has been great I really appreciate all the work that went into it. I went with the slayer version and I think its worked out really well.
As for a league starter this build is super easy and allows me to focus on boss mechanics rather than casting 10 spells.!

Thank you!!!
Gear is below

Skill Tree POB
Dernière édition par Joshua86, le 19 janv. 2021 18:00:53
Hi ! I didn't go through all 166 tabs of comments but i was wondering if there is a use of the poison and added chaos damage on the Wasp Nest since we use Brutality ? Or do we really use it simply for the high DPS and high life steal on hit ?
Dernière édition par DarkInusia, le 20 janv. 2021 03:46:34
Brutality does block the poison damage from The Wasp Nest, so yes, The Wasp Nest is strictly there for its high DPS.

I will also say this: While The Wasp Nest is a great claw, it is NOT, at least for the Slayer version of this build, the absolute best claw you can get. In fact, a guildmate pulled the following claw out of a random Ritual that actually beats it, at least on the Slayer version:

What you're mostly looking for are high flat and % phys rolls and attack speed on a high-level fast base like a Noble or Imperial claw. For Slayer, having accuracy on it is also a great idea, since Slayer doesn't get "Enemies taunted by you can't evade your attacks.", and thus needs accuracy to guarantee hits. The upside to Slayer is that we get to ignore reflect without having to use special rings or armour, among other things.

Hope this answers your questions about what claws to look for. :)

Really great league starter so far, am only level 68 and just finished act 10 since I haven't had too much time to play. I honestly think Slayer is a stronger ascendancy choice than Champion right now, but I'm only on my third ascendancy and I haven't taken Worthy Foe yet. Gear is super basic right now, but I've got about 40c to shop around for upgrades. The biggest problem atm is not having enough life, as 2.9k hp at the start of maps doesn't feel too great. The damage is otherwise very good, clearing feels great and smooth, and I've only spent a total of 7c on this build so far (5c tabula, 1c each for claws).


Hey, just want to say: Thank u for this build idea :)

I nearly min-max this build and was able to push the Path of Building (Communtiy Edition) to an amazing 52 Milliom DPS+Impale. Currently still working on the abyss jewel and on one of the normal jewels to get the last bit of extra damage...

For anyone interested, here is the final Path of Building (for level 100): https://pastebin.com/CJJaNBGm

For anyone who is in the main hand weapon disscusion, here is my MH Claw:
Dernière édition par TreeEskimoPOE, le 24 janv. 2021 13:00:51
Martial Prowess/Smite the Weak
what does give more sirus dmg out of this two?

I've managed to get my character to around 6 million DPS but most upgrades will now cost minimum 5ex to 40ex. I currently have around 15 to 20ex in the build.


I'm pretty new to this so are there any glaring issues or things anyone would change? I would like to min max but do it smartly and I'm not sure the next best few moves forward.

Thanks for the help.
Dernière édition par YallGotAnyMore, le 28 janv. 2021 23:40:54
Im getting stunned a lot, am I missing some stun resistance somewhere?


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