[3.14 UPDATED] - Bergerbrush's Impale Cyclone Champion - League Starter & Beginner Friendly!

nice build. ty for you hard work! :)

PoB for experienced players is broke vs PoB 1.4.170
Sort of at a loss at what to upgrade, I know i need lots of help, but currently only have 3ex so upgrading the chest to a -15 mana cost is out of the question.

I didn't know if that is the next best item to go for and to just save up to get that or if there is something else I should focus on first.

Thanks in advance for any help with gearing.

some attacks stop cyclone attack, any way to prevent spins from stopping?
is this squishy??
For anyone wondering about this Build. CHAMPION and ALL CHAMPION IMPALE BUILDS got quite heavily nerfed with this Patch. And so did of course this build. We lost about 15% overall damage.

As an example my PoB with 7m DPS went to 5.9m DPS now instead.

The build will be updated accordingly and I will tweak the guide a little bit and the Build will obviously be very strong overall but indeed the damage has been gutted a little bit.

Overall survivability remains the same.
Also remember to check me out at Twitch.tv/Bergerbrush where I Fulltime stream and will be playing a wide variety of builds and will be making Guides and Videos accordingly as well for 3.13 :)
Dernière édition par Bergerbrush, le 13 janv. 2021 10:40:33

Update #1 - Champion Ascendancy Nerfed!

The Champion ascendancy was nerfed and therefor every Champion Build that utilizes Impale has now obviously lost some damage. The main changes that I've seen so far in this Build is nothing else but a general 15% damage loss.

This means the Build is still just as tanky and as easy to play but we lost some damage. It still fully functional to play for Endgame and as a League Starter but yeah...

The main change now is that we drop "Versatile Stance" and get Swift Skewering.

Update #2 - Slayer on par with Champion

Looking over the Slayer version now, I see that with the nerfs to Champion and reduced damage taken buff to Slayer that Slayer is just as good as Champion, if not even better due to its increased AoE and better clearspeed potential compared to the Champion now.

The Slayer PoB has also been updated for 3.13 if you are interested in playing that.

A note on your Slayer PoB: Deep Cuts was removed from the game in 3.11, so it won't be available in Ritual (you might be able to still get it in Standard by buying it from another player, tho). Not that this mattered much since the best notable is still Wind-Up for the Power charges.

Probably cruft since you're just now updating that PoB for the first time since Delirium, but I thought I'd mengion it.

Thanks for the build guide. :)

Why does pob leveling tree and browser leveling tree are different? Versatile stance is already in act 5 in browser but its not anywhere at all in pob version. Swift skewering is in pob but not browser version.
Dernière édition par KepugLeinad, le 16 janv. 2021 06:38:41
Had no access to new Skill Tree on website until update was out. So couldn't update the whole Guide beforehand.

And now with League being out I will be playing a lot so will not update these things either for a few days atleast.


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