[3.5-3.9 HC] Pure Herald of Agony Jugg. All content. Videos. Dual wielding Cold Iron Variant added.

Just wanted to post that I'm really enjoying this build and will consider this a potential league starter in future leagues.

Crafted this helmet myself - the reduced mana reservation enchant is a big factor in letting me have aspect of spider + war banner up and still have a very comfortable mana pool (I don't use arctic armor).

How did u craft that helet? which fossils did u use?

GREAT helmet btw
Camaron a écrit :
How did u craft that helet? which fossils did u use?

GREAT helmet btw

I used Bound fossil only. Make sure it's item level 86 Elder helmet. The +3 to minion gems is only available on item level 86 helms.
Camaron a écrit :
Ah ok ty for great answer

Also if i may ask, whats been killing you and have u found a way around it by tweaking build?


Here's the good news: Actually almost nothing has killed the original version of the build I posted except pilot error. Almost all of the deaths have been during experimentation with things that mostly made the build weaker while I was pushing the boundaries of what the build can do, either in T16 maps or deep delves (as I have a tendency to do). There is a single exception (#6 below) but let me lay out the litany of deaths I remember (not necessarily in order).

1. Original Build: Standing in a souped up purple Kurgal's Double-beam attack instead of blink arrowing out (easy dodge--totally my fault)-pilot error

2. Original build: Fighting an increased crit, increased power charges Aul (Note--I actually was able to stand and facetank most of the fight, but I died during one of the rotating turret phases not because of the build, but because of unfamiliarity with the phase)-pilot error

2. 2x experiments with Brass Dome (not tanky enough for hc late endgame)

3. 1x experiment with Coming Calamity (not tanky enough for hc late endgame)

4. 2-3x experiments without thief's torment (couldn't facetank certain bosses that the actual build can)

5. A handful of non-jugg or non-HOA experiments

6. ONE Actual one-shot of the original build at a little over 9k life. Depth 537. Mods included 100%+ added as fire, 100%+ added as cold and a bunch of other stuff. Might have also had ele pen, but I am not 100% certain. Happened in a Vaal city with one of the yellow dashing melee mobs. The mob that did it -also- had powerful crits.

Number 6 is the reason I am focusing on making knockback work with something otherwise as close to the original build as possible, as a delve that deep with those kind of mods requires a mechanical, rather than a numerical defense.

Other than that, the build does all the things I hoped it would. :>

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Re: Awesome Helm

Awesome Helm! Has pretty much everything I would hope for, including Spider. Most impressed, mildly jealous. :>

Posting just to say thank you! This buld revived my interest for the game and i decided to make one last shot at BHC! It is awesome)) i`ve never gone so far
my lucky yellow bound-fossiled helm:

also Cameria in transportation, moved by my inspiration decided to drop HH for me...if only i could put it on my hoa spider
Gratz on HH!! And very glad you are having fun with it--hearing these stories does not get old. :>
FollowXMe a écrit :
but I can improve damage how to state. thank

Oo lol
OP, why do you advise using the whatchamacallit unique belt, while you aren't currently using it your self?
Why recommend gluttony if I am not using it?

Fair question. I have often said that for every build I post there may be a couple of dozen ideas I try that don't pan out. But it is in my nature to experiment.

The strongest version of the build I have run so far made use of gluttony, as I wrote it up. The current version I am testing does not. But if you take a look at my litany of deaths a few posts up, you will see that I have tried many variations on this build in an effort to seek improvements. I am not always personally running the proven tech.

The one that I have written up is the one I know to be able to take on all of the content in the upper game and delve down to 500+. And so that is my recommendation to people seeking guidance. The one I am currently trying may prove useful or it may be another in a long list of failures. If I find value in it, rest assured I will post.

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