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Dernière édition par iiss, le 17 janv. 2019 14:42:28
Re crafting a helm (recap)
Cheap version: ilvl 75+ elder helm, bound fossil single craft until you get +2 minion level and supported by minion damage.

Expensive version: ilvl 86 elder helm, bound fossil single craft until you get +3 minion level and minion damage.

Optional: dual craft bound and aberrant to try for delve -chaos res to nearby monsters modifier.

Recommended only with lots of currency and patience: adding a pristine to any of these crafts, as these seem to make a supported by minion life mod more likely, which can ruin the roll.

Dernière édition par Orion72, le 17 janv. 2019 18:41:25
I am totally new to crafting so sorry for newb questions

I got a yellow elder helmet, do i scour it first? and than use the fossil and rescour and refossil till i get the mods?

If you are using chaotic resonators, no need to scour in between. If you are using alchemical resonators, you will need scours. Good luck!
Dernière édition par Orion72, le 17 janv. 2019 18:45:17
On the helmet +2 or +3, can i have minion life and minion damage on it or will that reserve to much mana? I need to buy one soon but i dont want to make a mistake and buy one with minion life if i cant use it :)
Having minion life also will make you unable to have arctic armour or a beast craft with useable remaining mana. It's not completely unusable, but it is a significant downgrade. I certainly wouldn't go out of my way to buy one that had minion life on it.

I see you taking knockback from tree, how good is it?
does it work on bosses?
Knockback has been my current experiment for several builds now. Here is what i have learned:

1. It is not a sufficient replacement for the dodge cluster.
2. Using the knockback gem instead of faster attacks is unnecessary overkill. The cluster on the tree + around 15% on jewels seems to be about right to get sufficient effect for minimum investment.
3. It works on some bosses, not others, that isn't its primary purpose.
4. It can be fantastic (particuarly on delves) for moving large groups of mobs around and keeping you safer from non-unique melee attackers. This is particularly valuable in the lower cities.
5. It seems to function best with at least 2 pierce (can be either from penetrating quiver with misery craft, or penetrating quiver + master craft for pierce on helm or gloves)
6. It goes way up in usefulness with 2 volley fire jewels socketed, as these broaden your field of fire to be able to knock back larger groups. 0-1 felt too narrow, 3 jewels seemed like overkill.
7. Its value is further magnified by having a quiver with maim on hit and/or by having the aspect of the spider beastcraft (which I would use instead of arctic armour with the knockback variant) Having both is downright funny--Knockback+maim+spider may be my current favorite combo in the game.

Because knockback is a mechanical (as opposed to a numerical) defense, a lot of it is about feel, and what is expressed above is just my opinion. (though it's my opinion based on about half a dozen different attempts now). Ymmv.

Good luck,


Dernière édition par Orion72, le 18 janv. 2019 13:41:57
Ah ok ty for great answer

Also if i may ask, whats been killing you and have u found a way around it by tweaking build?
Just wanted to post that I'm really enjoying this build and will consider this a potential league starter in future leagues.

Crafted this helmet myself - the reduced mana reservation enchant is a big factor in letting me have aspect of spider + war banner up and still have a very comfortable mana pool (I don't use arctic armor).


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