[3.5-3.10 HC] Pure Herald of Agony Jugg. All content. Videos. Dual wielding Cold Iron Variant added.

Thoughts on ditching GMP for Bloodmagic support, and using 2x Volleyfire jewels to squeeze in Aspect of the Spider, without wasting passives on reduced mana reserved?


Sad panda
Dernière édition par DamageIncorporated, le 21 janv. 2019 10:18:11
Re: Subbing bloodmagic+volleyfire for GMP:

I have done testing with volley fire, and my experience is that this would work for you until it doesn't. The projectiles from volley fire won't hit your main target. So this will be fine for fighting large groups, but you will be -much- less tanky in boss fights, resulting in periodic death. I cannot recommend it.

However, if you have the minion accuracy nodes on the tree, you can drop war banner and should be fine on mana with HOA & Spider.


[edit] going to do some testing of a different setup subbing knock back for GMP. likely doomed, but curious.

Dernière édition par Orion72, le 23 janv. 2019 02:47:49
Re: Shaper/Elder Frostwall Issues:

First, very glad you two are having a good time with the build!
Re: Elder--already addressed, frostwall will block all the projectiles. Just make a little triangle of them around Shaper, keep refreshing, and he comes through unharmed.

For Shaper--It took me a few tries to get down the technique for protecting Zana this way. I posted a video of the Shaper fight in the main guide that should illustrate it pretty well. Good Luck!

Just RIPed my char on lvl 94, cant really say it was the builds fault, you get a bit complacent when you can face tank so much of the content (8,9k life at the time of death).

Was doing maze of the minotaur, no special damage rolls or anything, and came across a betrayal fortification encounter. Normally I use my vaal grace for encounters like this but my wife was talking to me and I was distracted so I didnt use it this time. Got 100% one shot by Caimaera or whatever his name is after the other two betrayal dudes were already dead.

Not 100% I had all endurance charges up, most likely I did but I cant know for sure.

Still this has been one of the most enjoyable builds I have ever had the pleasure of playing, killed 15+ shapers, red elder, and all guardians except for phoenix. Didnt really get that far in delve as it isnt a priority for me but Im sure it would handle most encounters with ease.

This is literally the best league starter out there I would say, atleast for HC, especially if delve crafting stays this cheap and kaoms heart doesnt skyrocket in price for future leagues (and lets be honest, a belly of the beast/delve crafted chest would work just fine up until tier 15-16 anyways).

Cant think of another build except for RF that take this few damage nodes on the tree and still manages 500k+ shaper dps without busting the bank.
I respec'd my Jugg to this build in SC...what an incredible build man, congrats

Made a Shaper run on lvl 75 (never so low), frostwall was not needed at all, I think positioning and convocation are the key here

Will try this on HC for sure

Again, great job on the build and clear guide, keep the good work
Sorry to hear bout the RIP, always glad to hear folks are enjoying the build.

Looks like the marauder build list finally got revived and the build got added to it. A tiny victory, but it made me smile today.

Wishing all of you continued success.

What is your thoughts on using a The Vigil jewel and vigilant strike in weapon swap for some encounters/maps? Seems like a good extra defense.
I haven't tried it myself, but I have heard of the idea of a weapon swap to a pair of ichimonji with vigilant strike and the vigil. This sounds clever to me, and I would love to hear from anyone who has tried it.

Is it a big increase in dps going from a +2 minion gems to one with +3? Thinking about buying a random 86 elder helm and trying to roll it myself.
Dernière édition par iiss, le 22 janv. 2019 17:48:10
I am already lvl 80 with this GREAT build

I am experimenting with going high armor and 7 endurance + 75% all resistances incluiding chaos (currently at around 60%)

I have like 6k life but still feel kinda squishy ( fighting t9 syndicate members and some blue mobs i get dangerously low before my life leech gets me to full

Is it my kinda low life? or should i go evasion and no armor?

My char is Azesino in HC betrayak if anyone needs to check gear etc

Ty and thx again for this great and fun build


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