[3.5-3.11 HC] Pure Herald of Agony Jugg. All content. Videos.

Two pieces of Bonus Tech:

1. A single White socket in your utility set up (which can be gotten through a vorici crafting bench) allows you to sub in frostwall for vaal grace instead of convocation. Having both frostwall and convocation at the same time made the Shaper run I just did go -much- smoother.

2. Mostly I'm not a fan of most of the glove enchants, particularly when my build isn't doing direct damage. But I lucked into Commandment of Spite and have discovered that it is excellent and synergizes well with our build.
Because of gluttony, it activates whenever we use a movement skill (and it is off cooldown) this lets us proactively lay down chilled ground at the beginning of any encounter. The slowing effect is noticeable--particularly against tougher bosses.

What would be the best 4th socket for HoA: Empower lvl3 or Vicious Projectiles?
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Check POB, but usually vicious proj>lvl 3 empower
lvl 4 empower>vicious proj

Orion72 a écrit :
Re blood magic in the bow:

Tbh, your set up looks like a clever solution. You give up the slot for arctic armour, but given the high availability of beast crafts for gear, you can replace AA with one of those without using a gem slot. The answer to which one is I don't know yet--currently experimenting.

Good idea!


Aww thanks Orion, actually came from Cyclone Templar Build, just wanted a More "Tanky" Agony
i reckon if i needed AA For more tanky situations ill just replace hatred Gem with AA on my helm - at a loss of about 250K Dps (with 40 Virulence, 15 Withered Stacks)

-though am sourcing for better life/resist helm so other parts can scale more health , after all without kaom's HP Pool is seriously lacking
-alternatively also looking to get aspect of spider/crab+War Banner (thanks to jubsey) but might be mediocre compared to hatred's damage raise

Xbox wand user back with another update.

Got my first ever Shaper kill last night. So much easier solo btw, only ever tried it in a group of 2-3 maybe 6 or so times over the past few leagues. You can see from my clips (45 sec) that I did have to move around quite a bit to proc the Shaper orbs. It was a bit slower on DPS but I just got a new helm that should make it quicker next time.

Same clip, different source again.
Xbox Gamertag - Corrison
Mixer - https://mixer.com/Corrison
So i hit some levels and starting to get some currency so i can buy one of the late game items. The only thing i got right now is 6 linked rare chest and helm with +2 minion gems so i got a lot of things to work on. Got the belt, quill and the ring ofc.

Where should i start to upgrade? Helm with 2+ gems and minion damage, gloves supported with poison/faster attack (cant afford both) or do i go straight for a kaoms? I guess its not kaoms since i would not have anywhere to socket my barrage. :)

So helm or gloves, what you guys got first?

Re Wand User Shaper Kill:
Congratulations! Big milestone for sure.

Re: Order of Upgrades:
Start with at least gloves supported by poison, so you have somewhere to put barrage & withering touch. This is super easy to craft on any elder gloves ilvl 75+ with an aberrant fossil or two. Whole thing can usually be completed for less than 5c. Sometimes you will get lucky and faster attacks will randomly roll with it, giving you your 6L gloves right there. Either 5L or 6L gloves will allow you to upgrade to Kaoms, which will boost survivability quite a bit. Then focus on a 6L helm and 6L gloves in either order.

Good luck!


Having a lot of fun with this in SC, carrying people on T16 boss and generally kicking ass. Got the Calamity finally colored and socketed today. With hatred + Generosity + lv3 Enlighten im sitting at 72 mana which seems to be more than enough. The dps increase is HUGE.

A thought, using Deafening Essence of Misery (Max rank) gives Proj pierce 2 additional times, cost a bit more but should generally help out.

Thanks for all of the updates O, I am following this thread daily.
Good luck in HC, have fun!
Just killed my first shaper in HC with this build. Went smooth as ever.

Huge thumbs up!

Just managed to create a +8 frostferno so now I'm gonna run shapers until I die and then make a GG char with the exalts ^^
Gratz to both of you above! I love the success many of you are having, it is beautiful! And a +8 Frostferno? what is that now, like 100 ex? Super cool for an ele hit type build.

Deafening essence of misery is good tech--I didn't even look that far. Thank you for calling it out.

For myself, I will still follow this thread and respond periodically, but I have moved on to a new experiment for the moment. I think I may have played this build to death--time for new horizons. :> Wishing you all continued success!



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