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what will the ROA set up be?
rain of arrow seems faster clear compare to split arrow
Loje a écrit :
Guide looks really cool and I think I might give the build a try.

Do you have any suggestions for lvling gear? Like specific uniques to look out for and such? Been away from the game for a while, so having a little bit of a hard time figuring it out myself :x

Classic Goldrim+Wanderlust and a high phys damage bow. Tabula if you like, but i honestly prefer using normal 4-link instead (usually).

cryyyy a écrit :
what will the ROA set up be?

Setup is listed in separate section inside progression. You won't be using RoA until your damage allows for it, that's why it's there. I'll make that section standalone later, but for now i'm busy pushing ladder.

duabijitelur a écrit :
rain of arrow seems faster clear compare to split arrow

And that's why it's superior, but you need damage in order for it to work. This is true especially with crappy bow. The bow i've had in the video is close to perfect in fact, the only gear that withstood trial of time from old version of the build.

Split Arrow is better on budget due to flat physical and higher base damage.
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3053600 - My Guides
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So there is a hunter mod that gives 20% faster bleeding. Im looking at possbile dps tru pob and an elder bow with fossil bleed and vic. proj support(7link) still does more damage than a hunter mod + fossil mod. Can anyone confirm this?
From 3.9 u cant have vicious proj. on bow so no 7 link.
If you are playing league, you can get vuln on hit from warlord rings
So I was crafting a bow to give this a shot, and ended up with this


Any thoughts on it? I can't find anything else on league with % Damage over Time Multi, seems like a pretty solid stat for the build.
Why u get the Destroyer point in the tree?
Dzarke a écrit :
Why u get the Destroyer point in the tree?

Bows count as two handed weapon (Not Melee i know) but to get the last part of it 25% increased Damage with Ailments from Attack Skills while wielding a Two Handed Weapon
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i have a question, can choice champion for more tanky, or slayer? i think slayer tanky is better when run map ? i like a character run and tank boss


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