[3.9] Hybrid's take on Jugg Molten Strike - Hold right click to TANK anything | MELT the Atlas |

if we unequip lochtonial how do we gain endurance charges?
Just hit 89 with this build on SHC. I've done it a bit differently.

I'm running fortify on my WB (not using tombfists - Rather have the armor + resist options on my gloves and use more sockets.)

Using a high armor 6 link chest (trying to find the higher armor craft, so I can get even more) - this also allows me to get a really nice helm with high armor (currently sitting at 20k armor)

And also picked up MGoH in the tree.

Here's my current tree and gear - i've been able to do every boss so far and it feels really tanky and strong - sitting at 60 unlocked on the atlas (only done 2 red maps so far, can't loot anymore lol)


7.5k HP
20k armor
30k tooltip with buffs rolling

things I still need:
Dying Sun
20/20 gems
helm enchant

Going to hit 90 then work on challenges.
Mess with the best, die like the rest.
HeavionTV a écrit :
if we unequip lochtonial how do we gain endurance charges?

jugg ascendancy.
Any tips to improve my DPS on my current setup? ANy skill tree tweaks?

I've had a very difficult time finding the Watcher's eye your running. What would you suggest as other mods. I've found a couple that are good but are Anger based.

Increased Life Recovery from Flasks while affected by Vitality
Fire Damage leeched as Life while affected by Anger
Increased Life Recovery while affected by Vilality

Thank you for the build guide and all the help with questions.

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ohnpeat a écrit :
I've had a good time running this build in Synthesis softcore but in any season you depend on a few lucky drops to keep your currency flowing and I've just not had that this season - I'm now skint and so that's the end of that, really.

I reckon I've spend 300chaos on gear - almost half of that on a Kaom's Chest. I got to just under 8K health and I could take most punches (tho a nastily modded T10 boss one-shotted me last night which proves you need to keep your brain on!) - DPS was decent if you chose the right gems for the job too.

Sadly, progress requires I buy multi-Exalt items and I have 20chaos so that's not happened - hell, I couldn't even afford the maps needed to get a Shaper key

For the first time I don't fancy doing a 2nd build for the season because this build did what I wanted of it, it's just the economy is profoundly broken (skewed by too much randomness and too many people who play this game as a job) and that's not the build's fault really...

Hey ho

I can't agree with this last statement.

I have a job and a family so I play casually. Within the first month of this league I managed to raise my Cospri CoC Ice Nova assassin to lvl96 and now, within last week, this build to lvl89 so far. I pumped apr. 10-15 ex into the first one and maybe 5-7 ex into this build. Yet I sit on apr. 15-20 ex of Currency, not counting every single orb, just ex and chaoses mainly. I admit that 2/3 of this money came from smart trading (I found 5ex, apr. 5 divines and 5 annulments so far and sold maybe 5ex worth of items I found), but still, it is all affordable even as a casual player.
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Hi from Italy! This is my real first league since I only played the last couple of weeks of Betrayal prior to 3.6 but I can't play many hours per day (sadly XD).

I am a seasoned PC gamer though, I've played various games with mechanics heavy boss fights in the past so killing red Elder and Shaper was almost easy. Now I wanna try Uber Elder on my own (did it with the help of a nice guy who offers free UE kill), but I'd like to improve my gear a bit first. Sometimes I feel like it takes a bit too much to clear a T16 UGS but maybe it's in the nature of a melee build like this :).

I guess I should change one of my rings, I should get a strenght based helmet, I should get rid of the ele res from my jewels and cap them with better boots or something... Oh well, any advice appreciated!

A BIG thank you anyway! The guide is easy to follow and complete. I usually play ranged characters but this jugg changed my mind.

Dernière édition par samhoara, le 25 avr. 2019 21:02:09
Isn´t it a bit bad having CWDT at lvl 20? or you compensate that with having higher % duration on immortal call?
What do you all think about the new storm's gift gloves? better than tombfist or keep tombfist?

Can anyone tell me if 54000 total dps is right with these items


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