[3.5 Viable but Discontinued] UNDENIABLE-JUGG | FARM ALL CONTENT - incl. Uber-Elder

I havve 40 ex to upgrade my char. Dps seems a little low.

I have a xophs on other char can anyone give sone advice on what to prioritise?
What need to increase dmg and survivor?

Ty im new player with this build and need to fix for next league

What do you guys think are best boot enchant for Uber elder: Added fire after killed recenlty or penetration?
Vaindolf a écrit :
What do you guys think are best boot enchant for Uber elder: Added fire after killed recenlty or penetration?

The pen enchant is by far the best, it's not even comparable.
I'm a little new to this game but I noticed a difference with the skill nodes you select from the paste bin for pob and the one in the leveling progression.. Am I suppose to follow the leveling progression skill tree first then respec to the pob paste bin one?
I like jewel slots. to get 1 more i removed "fury bolts'" from the tree which gave me 2 points.
I then removed some life nodes to give me 4 points.
I then used those points to get to the jewel node above "elemental overload".
This gave me 12% increased ele damage plus the jewel stats.
Molten strike is a strange skill, the increased projectile damage only works on the initial part of the skill, not the whole part.
So when you remove "fury bolts" you do not loose a lot of dps.
Hope this is clear.
I am having trouble with ele reflect, am i missing something? the guide mentioned it can do ele reflect but never explained why... anyone care to explain?
Simply reroll ele reflect if you can, no big deal.
Otherwise use Soul of Yugul minor god and start removing damage jewels from your Molten strike setup until you survive.
This subject has been covered quite a few times already.
So it's not something like arc trap level of can do ele reflect? >.<
I am planning to use this build as a league starter in 3.5, eventually.

Is it viable to farm maps on a small budget and curve out well to the endgame?

Does it work well without the pricy Items until reaching higher Maps? From that point it is just a question of time to get the currency for 6L Loreweave, helm enchant, Watcher's eye and pricy jewelry imho...



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