[3.5 Viable but Discontinued] UNDENIABLE-JUGG | FARM ALL CONTENT - incl. Uber-Elder

Guys, what would be best base to craft Aspect of Spider on it? Boots or Stygian Vise belt? Or something else? Got the beast for the craft but not really sure what item to pick.
There's something I'm not currently understanding about his build... I'm lvl 90 I've not spec'd into Blade of Cunning, I'm instead running Celestial Judgement. Why would I spend point into Blade of cunning.... just attack speed?

Anywhere you have space, really. I think the author suggests boots/ring.


Blade of Cunning is OK for leveling before you have Avatar of Fire for the leech. Endgame your points would probably be better spent by dropping BoC and taking a different route to Golem's Blood. I like going the inner route - it has a couple dex nodes and it's shorter.

PoB shows that Elemental Focus + Concentrated Effect has more dps than Immolate + Combustion. Any reason why you prefer the latter. Thanks for your advice.
I found that Immolate + Combustion feels better for clearing

The dps difference is minor, I'd recommend trying it out especially if you're running Herald of Ash

I also like taking the AoE passives ring and dropping the Increased AoE gem for Increased Elemental Dmg

Also, Concentrated Effect is a misleading gem. It looks better on paper - I found it hurt my dps overall since there was considerably less overlap in magma ball AoE. Once you get to certain point it becomes more important to maximize hits rather than amping up the individual hit damage.
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Hey, damn ur char looks good xD, the rings you are using did you self craft them or ? i am trying a molten strike char as well but my tree is alot different i am using some leech nodes for life and mana with a watchers eye for life gain.

Would it be better to try and get rings that do that or what would you suggest ?
I did my first Uber Elder on PoE myself !!!
With 7.6k hp, 41k tooltips dps, 30 LFOH and 2 Mana-GOH (at that moment)

I followed this build when I bricked my 6L Loreweave in Altar (=.=) and got a +2 MS porjectile helmet in Azurite Mine. This build is solid, consistent, quite not flask-boosted, very tanky, cannot be frozen, stunned etc.

(Offensive Alert)

Like to see this guide included with not-buffed U-Elder min dps requirement. Seeing others PoB spamming flask, including power charge caused by 'power charge on crit' gear, spamming configuration that rarely happened, using mirror-tier gears in guide and titled as '5M Shaper DPS!!!' to increase apparent DPS.

The guide is really good. I've followed it until I reached like 90+ lvl. Then I tailored it to my needs, I maxed out life I can reach and bought items to achieve that. Currently I sit at 9,4k HP, melt all content available and just enjoy mapping. You really have to be careless to die with such a build. I've lvled from 95 to 97 without a single death mapping all the time - t15, t16, delve, atzoatl and casual ingame stuff. That's the coolest thing about this build, you can just play it as a casual player and not care about dying which is the most demotivating aspect of this game.
I think my char is publicly available so if anyone wanna check it out feel free to do that!
Just a quick build post mortem -

For a 3rd aura Herald of Purity outperforms Aspect of the Spider in burst dps and is easier to fit with Enlighten plus doesn't consume a mod. Spider is still 10-15% more dps at its final stage making it better for bosses, tougher enemies, or early league when your own damage isn't that high.

Getting a source of fire/damage leech asap is a big boost to survivability. It can be hard to work in with the lgoh rings, though. Look for corruptions and lab enchants.

Switch to lightning golem after getting enough crit to keep ele overload up, it's more attack speed unless you're stacking Accuracy. For me this was after picking up a decent Loreweave.

I settled on Ele Dmg - Immolate - Combustion for my MS supports. I didn't have to swap out for bosses and the burn damage feels good clearing. Try to get some increased %AoE, Amplify and Dying Sun can help.

Don't be afraid to change your route in the passive tree, this is a very durable build as long as you have your life/mana on hit.

Good luck to everyone trying this build out in Synthesis!
I am new to the game, I've been trying this build, but it takes forever to kill anything. Only level 21, but dps is so low that I can't kill the syndicate before the caravan reaches destination. Killing a bandit takes 2 minutes. Does it get better soon?


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