[3.5 Viable but Discontinued] UNDENIABLE-JUGG | FARM ALL CONTENT - incl. Uber-Elder

nazgul29 a écrit :

Idk why you dont survive, you can check my character i did 740 delve and my items are a bit better but i guess you are not on 700.

I'm on depth ~500,and i feel like im can't go higher already.
The problem is impaling crystals from mobs,how u deal with them?
Dernière édition par FreshMeat93, le 5 oct. 2018 13:57:48
What 6link do I use for bosses/shaper?

Which 6 gems.
headcheese a écrit :
What 6link do I use for bosses/shaper?

Which 6 gems.

Load your character in pob. Then you casn check which gems gives you the best dps boost. I suggest not using ancestral call for most boss'es. It takes skill and often its more a chore then anything else. Usually i swap anc call with fire pen. And inc aoe/conc effect. Depending on what your run.
nazgul29 a écrit :
EDMOSES a écrit :
Getting constantly 1 hit in delves even running with determination aura.
Any ideas as to how to increase my survivability?

Idk why you dont survive, you can check my character i did 740 delve and my items are a bit better but i guess you are not on 700. Regarding your rings you must drop ring with poarcher's mark. Use enfeeble as curse, you cant have more then 1 curse unless you use items with +1 curse. Check mods on map in delve, some combos are rip for us. Dont go for determination use herald of ash (very good dmg boost) and anger. You can drop ancestral protector, is usable on uber elder or shaper, for maps and delve you dont need. An try to get one watcher eye and some more atack speed on jewels. More atack speed is faster animation for leap ( faster kiting) and faster atacks with ms.

P.S. I get one shoted in delve too sometimes:). One more thing: try and balance resistance for wise oak. If all 3 are not possible just go with fire as higher and put lightning and cold equal. Balanced resist is 30% dmg reduction. You can add me ingame and we can talk more i guess if you have more questions.

Good luck

Thanks a lot for the good advice, i am toying with a +1 curse ammy in the hope that poacher's mark will give me some more survivability but that seems to have not worked. Will attempt to get more att spd on jewels and work on resists for wise oak flask. I am using a watchers eye although it is only a cheapie. Thanks for help.
headcheese a écrit :
What 6link do I use for bosses/shaper?

Which 6 gems.

ele dmg
ele focus
multi strike
conc effect
fire pen

works well, did red elder and shaper with that quite easy so far ( uber elder not yet )
Why commandment of reflection? What's it give? Poe affix says it gives more minion damage. Anyone know? Or what's best in slot
Ok, I could really use some help now.
I don't understand, why PoB version have 130k dps, and my char (Soralex_AgainMelee) - only 30k.
I mean I am able to complete T15s, but it's pretty slow.
Other than tombfists/LGOH rings/Xoph's - what am I missing?
[edit] Aaand I've found I should use fire pen instead of anc.call. Any other suggestions?
Dernière édition par Taihon, le 6 oct. 2018 07:34:58
Hey, great build. i am not sure what to upgrade next and when iam rdy to fight uber elder.



I know i need Q gems but i prefer to level them to 20 and use the GCP recepie over buying them.
maybe a new watcher's eye with 2 stats? but they are crazy expansive. i have around 10ex.
i am prefecly on 82% res with all so i am getting the bonus def from wise oak.
i guess the easiest upgrade would be glove enchantment> boots enchantment> helm enchantment? the helm enchant is expansiv as fuck (i think the base is around 12ex?)
any tipps on improvement would be great
Dernière édition par Baldry, le 6 oct. 2018 07:47:21
Taihon a écrit :

Other than tombfists/LGOH rings/Xoph's - what am I missing?

That's a lot already to upgrade.
I mean that's all a mandatory items.
Along with that you are missing:
1.Helm +3 enchant,also with -9% fire res to nearby enemy.
2.Boots enchant for -10% resistances penetration,if not killed recently.(best for Bosses,for usual mapping/Devling flat added fire damage or increased attack speed if killed recently also an options)
3.Stygian belt is a must,also with 30%+ elemental damage on attacks.
4.Grelwood Shank with 189-190% phys. dmg,19-20% attack speed,and corrupt for additional 6-7% attack speed.
5.You have only 1x Wildfire Jewel in the tree lol,did you know that there is 2x equiped usually?
6.You don't have even a budget single Watcher's Eye with single Anger mod.(additional 14-15% fire penetration)
7.4x total jewels in the tree,while rare jewels are naturally crap,instead of 9-10 jewels combined,with tombfist/Stygian all with 45+ life and Onslaught/Phasing/Blind,and decent fire/phy rolls will boost a lot.
8.No Wise Oak
9.No Dying Sun
10.No ancestral Call in main setup? Are you rofling?

Ppl who asking what they are missing while they don't have about 90% of mandatory items rly strange.

Dernière édition par FreshMeat93, le 6 oct. 2018 08:12:54

I am really enjoying this build. With this guide I did highest level ever in PoE for me. Right now I am trying to take Elder down. However, it is very hard for me to judge what should be my next steps.

I know I am missing a lot of stuff - the same as previous person posting here. Question is, what should I aim to get next? Can You guys help me please ?
I think I have about 2ex total from all my currency, so unfortunately there is no unlimited potency to get all "mandatory items". I will be really grateful.

Here is my character:


and PoE planner:



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