[3.5 Viable but Discontinued] UNDENIABLE-JUGG | FARM ALL CONTENT - incl. Uber-Elder

ratz a écrit :
i can't afford a rare helmet with nice stats plus the enchant. What do you think of using Devotos or Starkonja's with enchant? Or they are bad for the build and I should save currency for a rare one with hp and resists?

I just came to realize, that Devotos is actually pretty damn good for this build. Sure it has no Life. But you will still end up at ~8k life with gear like mine and Lioneyes. It has some good damage boost ANNNND you fix the dexterity with this helmet (you would need a ring otherwise). Also the Movement Speed and Chaos res is really good too.

And its still pretty cheap. GET ONE NOW! :)

Already snatched one for myself for 3ex. Wheeeee!

Dernière édition par GornoDD, le 15 avr. 2018 11:37:24
Sweet setup and congrats on the Uber Elder kill!

I just wanted to let you know I've been stealing some of your ideas for my own build guide, and wanted to give you credit where credit is due.

Well done, keep it up! ;)

EDIT: in case you are curious, I had been running Tectonic for most of 3.2, but it's really pretty bad for T16+ single target DPS, and knew Molten Strike would be a good option, so I made the transition from Tec to MS and loving it!

Here's how my toon is looking right now: https://pastebin.com/NdKB7nrK
Dernière édition par corosou, le 15 avr. 2018 14:35:42
GornoDD a écrit :
Uzap a écrit :
which fight? the blood altar for aspect of the spider boss? i can help u if u need. the boss dots hits real hard though

If you figh him, heres my advice. The spider shoots a poision style magma orb. DONT GET HIT BY THAT!
Its the single most hard hitting abiliy I have seen in the game. Its pure chaos and has most likely more damage than a shaper slam.

You shoulso also use an Amythyst Flask against chaos.

Place totem and activate Blood Rage before you activate the altar. Then pop all Flasks and leap slam into the spiders face and go complete ham. Use Fire Penetration and Conc here, cause you wont have time for correct placement. Pretty much try to blow her up immediately. Then dont stand in the posion puddles on the ground. Move out of those and finish the rest of the monsters.

If it's purely chaos, do you think the poison immunity from Soul of Shakari pantheon cheese that fight?
Respecced my Marauder to try this build and am having lots of fun with it. Thanks! :)
Have noticed that the Tooltip dps isn't affected by conc effect which is a little surprising to me. :/
I am having a lot of fun with this build. I respected a oni-goroshi molten strike build and this one feels safer and more tanky. Damage is not there yet. But there are a lot of improvements to be made(skill points, enchants, xoph, watcher's eye, 6l etc).
But even without that the build shows a lot of potential. My damage ranges between 20k in camp to 40k fully buffed and charged.

So there is hope even with a fraction of the OP uber gear!
I just bought a devotos aswell with 3 MS wich i dont have on my rare helm, but are you sure its worth losing both the life and the resist? I'm still using thief's torment so I think it's gonna be very hard to get res cap with 2 leech rings without spending a fortune. Since thief's torment is essentially 150% total ele res, not to mention the insane life/mana leech already on it.

EDIT: Made a question about dmg on full life but realised its exactly as good as ele focus.
Dernière édition par Dex2644, le 16 avr. 2018 07:22:54
ratz a écrit :
i can't afford a rare helmet with nice stats plus the enchant. What do you think of using Devotos or Starkonja's with enchant? Or they are bad for the build and I should save currency for a rare one with hp and resists?

frankly if u are missing life and resist from the helm, it will be a bit tough hitting 8k life end game and your resists may depends on your jewel, rings ,belt n boots.
Nvm my previous comment about the gearing, I just bought 2 rings for 40 and 60 chaos each, with a total of 140% res and other goodies on them.
Just wanted to share one thing as i doubt i am the only one that have had this issue. After i got my helmet enchant with extra projectiles i started having FPS drops and the resolution would go down heavily in scenarios with tons of mobs. Turning shadows to low in the settings completely removed the issue. Maybe it's even worth mentioning in the guide.
Dernière édition par Esquilaxxx, le 16 avr. 2018 10:37:10
i think graphic as well as the amount of information to compute during the mass damages done by the magma balls plays a part in contributing to the lag.


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