[3.6] For Chieftain - Ngamahu Overloaded (Ngamahu's Flame Cyclone / Consecrated Path Build)

koda_ a écrit :
Thanks for the response. I want to ask about something else -- this is my first character in a long time and my highest-level character (level 92 now), so I'm just learning the game in a lot of ways still.

Since I've been running T15-16 maps, I finally saved up enough money and spent about 7 exa on a near perfect 3R/2B/1G Bronn's Lithe. I noticed that my damage did noticeably increase, but I'm *way* more fragile than I used to be now. (I was using a cheap 5L Belly of the Beast before.)

I lost about 800 armor and about 800 HP when I switched. I used to be able to mostly breeze through T15 maps and now I find myself dying left and right. I had about 6,575 HP with Belly and 5,775 now with Bronn's Lithe, but packs of trash are killing me much more often and bosses seem to just one-shot me now.

I have the recommended flask setup and I feel like my gear is pretty decent over all. I don't have some of the super high-end stuff like Watcher's, which requires something like 30-50 exa every time I've looked, but all the rest of my gear is stacked on life and resists. All of my resists are overcapped, including Chaos.

How are you supposed to use Bronn's Lithe and actually live long enough to be able to hit anything? Did I waste my money getting it, or am I just missing something obvious?

You can pick up Iron Reflexes for more armor but that is a personal choice.

Since you are running Uber Lab skill tree, I would recommend you to spec the points in Cleaving into endurance charges. This will give you more toughness too.

You can consider running Enfeeble curse instead of Flammability. You will still have enough damage to beat end game bosses.

Having a rare elder amulet similar to the one below will also help greatly:


_TM_ a écrit :
How come it's recommended to look for accuracy on items while we're runnig the passive for 100% accuracy?

Accuracy on gears is meant for Elemental Overload skill tree.

If you are using Resolute Technique, you do not need any accuracy on your gears. :)
Thanks for confirming!


I got to lvl 85 so far, but still struggle a lot with certain tier 12+ map bosses. Without flask charges or if endurance ever drops, I get deleted pretty quickly/can't do safe damage onto the boss. Is there anything I can do apart from going for lv13 enfeeble to improve the build?
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Hey man thanks for the guide, this is my first time playing POE and was struggling since i had initially followed a bad guide, but i fixed a lot of wrong things thanks to this and managed to clear this first try :D

Loving this build but im having trouble staying alive can anyone help?
I did a couple of changes and my armor is so and so but i just want to be able to beat shaper at some point.Also Uber lab but honestly thats just me being lazy not being patient with the traps lol.

I'm dirt poor btw no exalts ;-;

My character: Dyesixua : https://pastebin.com/2th269FK

Also wave of convection good idea or bad?

Dernière édition par GamzeeBard, le 23 avr. 2019 20:46:53
Hi, have a question - would it be viable to play this build with tectonic slam ?
Thanks :)
Dernière édition par geniek123321, le 3 mai 2019 10:09:52


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