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GigaClon a écrit :
The only thing that you lose from Master of Metal from using Call of Steel is the damage bonus per hit (6-12). The impales still last 7 hits and you get the armor and chance to impale.

Quick question, if I have 140% chance to impale does that mean i have a 40% chance to impale twice with a hit or is the extra mean nothing.

Does nothing past 100%.
Going to give this build a shot thanks.
Still sane, Exile ?
Take high yellow/low red tier conquerors, they're doable with a bunch of kiting, but you really just have to whittle away at their health. I can't imagine seeing this build scaling well on endgame bosses at all, mapping though is a buttery smooth fun experience, at least this is the case for me.

Edit: Was toying around with gem swapping, slower projectiles over GMP in the main setup actually seems to help quite a bit with bosses. Going to see how this performs against more difficult fights

You are right. They just become a bit more of a fight rather than the insta killing that comes with a lot of the builds. The Slower Projectiles switch is huge, I also sub in Lancing Steel instead to get Conqueror's over with faster. Veritania is the only one I still die to, I've done all up to A5.

can anyone help me with a build/ guide to being able to do the labrynth? i tried it with both shattering and splitting steel and i just get one shot by the final boss each time with over 5k hp

Maybe i should switch back to my dual wielding nodes?

Hopefully you got it by now but I'll respond either way. Gear aside make sure to be taking the labrynth slowly and even go for the darkshrines. They can buff you quite a lot and often trivialise a lot of the mechanics. For this build in particular both Uber and Merc can be left for quite a while and you can go back when over levelled.

Just started and i noted that LMP doesn't give 2 more projectiles ...
Both in skill tooltip and in skill visual ... sigh

They apply to the Split portion of the attack.

any one tried fork?

it seems to work well but it may be in my head...

It would add a lot of extra projectiles that's for sure. I haven't toyed with it as I prefer more damage but I'm sure it can be fun, especially when better geared and you can handle maps cleanly with the loss of a damage support.

Can i still follow this build if use shattering steel ?

It's not designed around Shattering Steel but I'm sure it would somewhat work well. From what I have seen it works best when playing Two Handed and building around The Impaler Keystone. Checkout poeninja for some ideas.

Overall, the skill itself is a blast, ofsceening maps and melting bosses with mark of a sniper. It's like more convenient Frost Blades, with waaay higher range and easier scaling. Really enjoying zoom-zoom!

Glad you are enjoying the skill as well :D there are dozens of us!

You'll want to change your end-game chest recommendation - exploding corpses with Crusader's chest renders Call of Steel useless, since your impales/blades go poof on corpse destruction.

Tested this myself with detonate dead.

Also interesting fact - allies can Call of Steel YOUR impales, and visa versa. Can be both hilarious, and annoying :D

True true. I will definitely get around to changing it. Thank you for all the testing btw, absolute machine with it hahaha and active forum response is always appreciated.

So given that we now want a secondary setup with Lancing Steel what do you think about getting Elder gloves? I feel like either the Faster Attacks mod or the crit multi mod can have their uses for a 4-link to improve damage. (Item level 84+ for t1 crit multi and 85 for t1 atk/cast speed hybrid, however).

Also any insight on Lioneye's Vision or would a Rare influenced chest win out? I'm looking at a Warlord chest to block out phys reflect in particular, making us less prone to bad map mods. No Regen/No Leech probably still suck.

Elder Gloves aren't a bad idea. I feel Warlord will still be best with it's increased damage. I still rate defense insanely high though and would never opt out my resistances for damage so these suggestions are for the very end game gamers.

Lioneye's Vision shouldn't work well because Pierce is pretty anti Split. The projectiles wouldn't be exploding on enemies as they would instead pierce and die off screen. The Warlord chest idea is great though. Yriels is looking like the best for 99% of situations.

I find scaling splitting steel easier than lancing steel. The gear isn't cheap, but single target gets above 4 mil or so. Having trouble getting enough dex to use a thrusting one hand in addition to The Saviour, which would push it 1-2 mil higher. Will add PoB here later.

Those are quite the numbers. For the most part I don't use Lancing anymore except for conquerors. I gem swap for them. For your average map boss I use my totem setup. Dex was primarily picked up while travelling, on my tree at least.

Master of Metal.

Does the Master of Metal work?
How to check if it works?

I have no changes in the offence or defense tabs during the attack.

If we have Impale stacks we gain the the physical damage. This is only super noticeable for bosses as the majority of enemies die in the first burst of damage. It should show up in game in offense tabs, but I suppose I have never checked myself. If you are exploding the Impales with Call of Steel then they won't show up.

I have 2 questions regarding this build

1. Splitting Steel vs Lancing Steel, is PoB DPS calculated correctly? Its about 800k Splitting Steel dps vs 150k Lancing Steel dps. Even tho, you claim that Lancing Steel is better for single target dps?

2. Mana sustain. Currently I'm running Scaeva with one blue socket (0.3% phys attack damage leeched as mana), but eventually I'll pick up same node as you, which gives 0.4% attack damage leeched as mana. However, I'm having mana issues on single target right now. I'm not sure that 0.1% more will fix that. Also my gear is weaker than yours, after importing my gear into your PoB I have a bit over 400k dps, maybe that's the case why I can't leech enough mana?

1. I'm not sure how PoB is calculating it but the setup is definitely stronger for single target. With how the new Lancing Steel functions it might not reflect it's damage appropriately. It scales better due to the sheer amount of projectiles it gets thanks to its interactions with shards. I personally gem swap for every conqueror.

2. Mana sustain is only really awkward for bosses. I currently have opted out of using my War Banner and just have more of a mana pool instead. With an Enlighten this wouldn't be an issue but I am poor hahaha. I also chucked in a Replica Conquerors Efficiency which solves the mana issue when it comes to conquerors and Sirus.

Hey man, what do you think i lose by change dual sword for sword + Shield?? to mutch damage for a litle more defense? or how about go 2h with terminus?

I've seen two hander builds work great with the skill. As for dropping dual wield I'm not a fan. We actually have a huge defense layer with our Block Chance thanks to dual wielding. You can achieve this with the shield as well but you sacrifice significant damage in the process as well as some nifty interactions with different weapons.

ust dropped in to remind you guys of these two "forgotten" swords:

They are BEAUTIFUL "map-starters" and will carry your clear far into red maps. They are sinking in price for every hour, closing in on 20c. Clearing has never been this fun on a Steel skill character.

Beltimbers are beautiful for clearing, I +1 this suggestion. If you are playing around mapping or even Delving these will be great to just send it with projectiles. For general Atlas clearing I opt for the ones in the guide as it helps with Conquerors (although I am sure these would actually work well with Lancing Steel).

Could i play Hardcore with your build ? Or i would have to make changes ot the tree ?

I would not recommend it. Unless you are an insanely patient player and take your time levelling and gearing. This build has been a lot of work, and this work would be incredibly difficult to figure out and gear for in a perma death environment.

would the great old ones tentacles be good for the build?

Yep they are an awesome pair of gloves. I opted for damage on other pieces of gear so I can't afford to sacrifice the resistances that I get from my glove slot. If you were to take the gloves you can make up for the resistances by losing damage on other gear. Very fun unique though :D

I'm really enjoying this build! Even on an Ascendant, I've been getting through the acts fairly painlessly, and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes. Just getting started on act 10!

I just have a couple of questions:

With Rallying Cry, Second Wind Support stops granting +1 use to Enduring Cry. Are you just keeping the jewel for the cooldown reduction, at that point?

And did you try out Pinpoint Support in place of GMP with Splitting Steel, as a possible way of addressing the lack of single-target damage? If so, how did it feel? Would you call it a viable option, or is it Lancing Steel all the way for single-target?

Also, are there any chase Cluster Jewel skills that you've considered?

Ascendant is awesome, good to see the skill getting love with some other Ascendancies.

1. Just using Second Wind for cooldown reduction. We don't really need any other gems and I find myself waiting for that cooldown to finish often in the higher maps.

2. Pinpoint can only work with spells so doesn't affect us at all sadly. Splitting Steel can scale to the point of decent single target and it holds out on Tier 16 bosses pretty well.

3. I don't consider Cluster Jewels. It might seem like a naive stance to take but it really is for people that are absolutely min-maxing out of their minds and 95+. It feels awful when you are poor and can't afford to even really get your passive tree going, scraping money together just to get passives. I almost always prefer to spend the currency on my gear.

Responded to Pages 9 and 10. Will respond to the other two pages tomorrow, sorry for the wait D:
Any particular reason you don't recommend

Also, cool thing about the Impaler keystone from my limited experience - It greatly boosts clear, enough to where I was confused to see people running GMP for clear (followed a POB I found on reddit that uses it before coming here).

As for single target: Yes there's a 4 second delay after you impale a monster, so make sure you have full shards before engaging a boss - but the instant 5 stack impale feels pretty good on single targets.

Might be a bit clunkier in higher tier maps/bosses where I'd probably have to kite around for the 4 seconds that I can't impale to re-engage or (better call of steel timing as the debuff falls off?) but in low level maps it feels pretty damn spicy.

The build I'm using is a 2h version going for the fortify buffs instead of taunt using a Terminus Est, but thinking about picking up some cheap foils and trying out your version.
I've played through the steel skills with guardian and champion as sword/shield and 2 swords on both and I'm giving up.

"Counterattack Guardian" with life gain on block using whatever steel skill as the attack was the only tanky way to play - and cyclone does that infinitely better. Guardian with challenger charges was nice for the movement speed in heists though.

Saviour/Paradoxica was the only way to actually deal enough single target to match a 5c Facebreaker build. That's probably the "correct" endgame build for champion.

You should be able to get Awakener 8 down with just a Paradoxica but it will take a long time. In my only Sirus attempt (A5) where I still had bad gear (no Paradoxica) and no corrupted blood/ailment immunity I almost got him down in the final phase but I was getting frustrated with it taking like 10 minutes and played poorly/died.

Both Splitting and Shattering are pretty fun with Saviour. IMO don't even bother playing the skills if you're not using one. The clones work very well with the skills, excepting on some bosses with Shattering Steel where they stand too far away and do 0 damage.
Guys, currently the Paradoxica's double damage mod is not working, which mean 2 things at the moment:

1. It is reaaally bad for the build, almost any other endgame unique sword is better than the bugged paradoxica, you shouldn't be using a paradoxica for now.

2. The price of the sword will probably go down in the next few days until they fix it, so be sure to always keep an eye on the market to snatch a good one for cheap.



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Is pierce a bad option? I have been using it from the beginning and since it hits almost everything on the screen, the moment you Call of Steel them it obliterates it. Is something I'm missing?
Just bought a savior, it works fine with the split mechanic
I'm looking at similar builds on poe.ninja and most it not all are running Point Blank on their passive tree. Is there a reason why you don't have it on this passive tree?
Hey my Friend.

Currently playing your build and wanted to thank you first of all.

Furthermore id like to ask if you or someone else of the Spplitting Steelers here has some tipps on clusters if i want to run them. Just like some suggestions :)


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