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thyraa a écrit :
Could i play Hardcore with your build ? Or i would have to make changes ot the tree ?

I would suggest finding another build for hardcore. This build is very glass cannon early with great clear and poor single target. Act 4 and 5 were tough with that Chamber of Innocence fight or whatever it is being particularly brutal. The build is much better after the fix and at higher level but I wouldn't play it hardcore.
I appreciate the updates and feedback on how this build is faring. So far I'm doing good into Act 3 long as I remember to call of steel. Hopefully I can get some buddies to assist in act 4/5.
Keep at it!
maciek2g a écrit :
I have 2 questions regarding this build

1. Splitting Steel vs Lancing Steel, is PoB DPS calculated correctly? Its about 800k Splitting Steel dps vs 150k Lancing Steel dps. Even tho, you claim that Lancing Steel is better for single target dps?

2. Mana sustain. Currently I'm running Scaeva with one blue socket (0.3% phys attack damage leeched as mana), but eventually I'll pick up same node as you, which gives 0.4% attack damage leeched as mana. However, I'm having mana issues on single target right now. I'm not sure that 0.1% more will fix that. Also my gear is weaker than yours, after importing my gear into your PoB I have a bit over 400k dps, maybe that's the case why I can't leech enough mana?

For the mana cost thing on single target, some -mana cost anywhere helps a lot. I got the replica conquerors efficiency which grants -9 mana cost, and never really run out of mana anymore on bosses
so would this guide work just as effective for shattering steel? if that has better single target could i just swap the gem out and otherwise follow this build?

For the most part I'm sure it works just fine for Shattering Steel. I haven't played with it though so I'm no gonna say that it is designed for it or as effective. Use Poeninja and eye up the passive trees and look at whether they are similar enough for your tastes.

Would Multiple Totems Support work better with Ancestral Protector? It would stack Impales faster?

First time using Impale, hehe.

Honestly one of my first times dabbling in Impale as well. I imagine they might have their own individual Impale? Not too sure. Regardless I have since opted for a Lancing Steel 4L so I have removed him personally. Could definitely test this out though, Multiple Totems sounds gangster.

Anyone has a Lord of Steel with 100% increased used speed? Does Call of Steel feel better with it?

The clunkyness from Call of Steel is actually keeping me away from the Skill :(

Lord of Steel makes it feel far better but the whole Call of Steel aspect is still very active and a little much at times. Definitely not an easy thing to get use to and can still feel clunky even after hours of play.

Think its worth to sacrifice one of the jewels slot for a Lord of Steel, if possible would like an update about ii on skill tree, the lord of steel is like real good to use

Definitely worth the sacrifice. The gameplay is so much smoother with is.

Hello, i'm considering to reroll now that skill is fixed and have a few qs pls:
How is bossing ? Can you take (almost) anything ?
Did the fix improve the skill making it on par with other endgame skills while mapping/bossing ?
Tks in advance!

It isn't really on par with other end game skills as they can get up and running for much cheaper. The skill is fun in its own regard though and definitely a very wild playstyle from usual.

It's bossing isn't really that great but you can take everything. They are just more of a fight rather than walking in and rolling them.

Hello, I wondered - if "Split" in splitting steel is considered a chain? I'm thinking about replacing GMP with Pierce from Projectiles passive tree and add Crit Chance instead

No it is considered a Split. In order of priority projectiles follow this order of operations: Split > Pierce > Fork > Chain > Return.

I referred to it as a pseudo like chain ability as when they Split the projectiles Split towards enemies rather than randomly.

Highly recommend ya'll check out the Impaler node btw. It's actually fucking insane.

This is a double edged sword. Sure it is good and even better with Shattering Steel however you lose the ability to Impale for 4 seconds. We can also apply up to 7 Impales so we lose those additional 3, as well as the damage that comes with it with our Ascendancy point Master of Metal.

What about bossing boys?
Want to do this build but im a little scared about bosses, dont want spend hours to kill them

Maybe avoid the build than. The bosses are definitely more of a fight than a pub stomp. Takes me a few minutes to take down 3+ Watchstone Conquerors for context.

I rly like to play this atm. Im into mapping now and it works great for me. Only thing i like to see is, after the first time u activate call of steel, it automaticly is cast after losing "projectile" nr. 12. what do u think guys. ?

sorry, for my bad english .

You're English was understandable dw :D. Sadly there is no way to automatically cast Call of Steel. Although it would be amazing if so.

Replied up to Page 9 for now, will reply more later :D

Anyone to tell me what should I improve to get my boss dmg to any desirable level? Sadly this gear can't even let me kill Izaro im uberlab, also lancing steel feels ultra terrible atm and leveling it up to 20 doesn't seem like increasing it's dps significantly.
Thanks for the build! No need to apologize for the shortcomings with a new untested skill. Really fun for fast clearing just hoping we can find a way to improve single target. Lancing steel change is ok but hard to aim at times with all the spell effects going on. Does anyone have any feedback on how the Terminus Est 2 hander version compares? Seems like most of the higher level people are using that.
Terminus est seems fine for mapping, but I can't see it making bossing any easier. It just doesn't have enough damage. If you can get your dex up high enough, a foil + The Saviour seems like the best way to go. Beltimber Blade + The Saviour also seems very strong if you can put enough distance for Far shot to take effect.

This is the level 85 PoB I'm currently testing: https://pastebin.com/FfMZ1ctg

Only expenses are Beltimber Blade and The Saviour, just assuming you have a six link and life/resist on gear. Some basic flasks. I'm using Pride instead of Herald assuming that Watcher's eye is the end goal.
I got a Saviour and I've been comparing Splitting to Shattering on Gladiator and they're both decent with it. Shattering better at single target, Splitting at clear.

Splitting is fantastic up to ~T10 unoptimized on gladiator so I don't see any reason why an optimized champion couldn't farm T16 with Saviour/Paradoxica or Saviour/Beltimber or whatever. Without Harvest crafting it's gonna be a pain in the butt to get there when you can just do a Facebreaker build for 1/5 the cost instead.

Has anyone tested the "return" mechanic with Vengeant Cascade?

Can confirm Saviour works great in this build - it would appear the clones have either infinite shards, or refresh their own shards when you do. I never see them firing zero shards.

Just gotta be careful because if you're eager with Whirling Blades, you'll get the wrong clones. I wish we had a better way for Fortify tbh; Jealous that Shattering Steel get the Fortify on hit Helm Enchant!

EDIT: Actually what's even more funny is you can abuse Saviour for some fun things: Example is in Delv, when I arrive at a monster spam I can let my two clones spam Splitting while I spam Call of Steel - It's infinite shard explosions. I'm interested to try this with Lancing on bosses.
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The only thing that you lose from Master of Metal from using Call of Steel is the damage bonus per hit (6-12). The impales still last 7 hits and you get the armor and chance to impale.

Quick question, if I have 140% chance to impale does that mean i have a 40% chance to impale twice with a hit or is the extra mean nothing.


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