[3.8] Krovah's Berserker Consecrated Path |In-Depth Guide| - Dominate the Atlas, Shaper and Blight

End-of-league gear update from me.

Adding to what I said last time. The Saviour is really strong with Consecrated Path, because it helps clearing. CP is a movement skill so reflections move around very quickly. They inherit our attack speed so they zoom zoom around. The problem introduced by the Saviour is slower rage generation, I think the reflections don't generate rage.

Bottled Faith flask is very helpful of course, even more so that the consecrated ground we create with the main skill counts for the bonuses the flask provides.

Turns out that two of the most expensive items in the game are very good for this build! Compared to other builds that also use them.

Also, I changed my ring and my CP now costs 1. I wanted to use currency so it costs 0 so no regen maps are not annoying, but they are quite expensive. Anyway, as it is right now, mana is not an issue of course. Mana regen sustains me completely, don't even need the leech.

Note that I am using Thread of Hope in the bottom right corner, so my tree is a bit different. This is some PoB minmaxing.

Unfortunately even with all those things, the boss damage is not crazy. I mean they all die quite quickly but you'd expect them to die in one second with this investment, and it takes like 7 seconds to kill each of the conquerors.

I have six flasks because I swap the ignite one for Elder guardians.

Anyway, if anyone wants to try it next league here are some ideas. My character name is SpeedyAngeles.
it said this in POB that is 100% converted to fire dmg. how ? it said it has avatar of fire, but it doesnt.
MochaButt a écrit :
it said this in POB that is 100% converted to fire dmg. how ? it said it has avatar of fire, but it doesnt.

Amulet gives you Avatar of Fire.

BTW this build should be very good this league for this league mechanic. Check my posts with my gear updates and thoughts for the previous league. I really enjoyed this character last league, it had excellent clear but it was a poor bosskiller.
Sick mapper. Shit boss killer. Get it how ya live.


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