[3.8] Krovah's Berserker Consecrated Path |In-Depth Guide| - Dominate the Atlas, Shaper and Blight

TL;DR - We got buffed, holla boi.

Bro, before I even read this where the hell have you been?

An incredibly valid question because I fell off the face of the earth for like a month or two. If you have any questions, do consider joining my discord server as I'm usually very active there even when I'm busy with work as it's a lot easier to access and you can directly ping me anytime whatsoever!

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This is pulled from my Frost Blades guide, but applies to everyone here as well as you all who have enjoyed this guide as well (duh)
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Hello!! I am very much so looking to play this build in Blight, will you be updating the build before the launch?

I am also wondering this too. Please update for upcoming league

Pretty Please

BBearWise a écrit :
Hello!! I am very much so looking to play this build in Blight, will you be updating the build before the launch?

TheBigMic a écrit :
Hey, I'm really interested in your build and want to start the next league with it. I know you've said that your quite busy at the moment, but is it likely that you update this guide once patch notes are out?

Hey guys, I am so sorry about not being able to update it before league start and especially for not being able to respond to you all to at least ensure it was a top priority. I had an exceptionally huge promotion at work that was unexpected which required a lot of attention.

I've updated the content on the guide, if you want to see my thoughts on the patch notes then perfect because I have my thoughts on all the changes near the top of the forum guide!

Thank you all so, so much for your support. I can not begin to express how much genuine happiness it brings me to be a part of this wonderful community.

Funny enough we actually just got buffed with the changes to some aspects such as support gems, etc! Funny enough we actually go from 7.58 attacks per second to 8.86 attacks per second with zero changes on our end!!

Path of Building DPS Change from just Updating the Pastebin from 3.7 to 3.8

3.7 Path of Building DPS



3.8 Path of Building DPS

Why does losing double damage chance not matter much?

So essentially the only changes we really encountered were the loss of some double damage chance, which seems like it would really suck I absolutely agree but that's actually not the case!

So, as far as the way we should be looking at a loss of double damage chance it's essentially the same as saying "Lose X% of damage" which can be scary for sure but in this case its maybe.. 3 - 5% overall?

The real nerfs we would of been afraid of would of been attack speed changes. This is because attack speed works together with the build on more levels than just being damage.

It's utility, it enables other gem options to prosper such as ruthless, etc. So please enjoy this build the same way you did last league, there is going to be essentially zero difference!

What about the Nerf to Flawless Savagery?

So this one is honestly the difference maybe between a level 14 base white dagger and level 20 base white dagger in terms of damage. Sure, you'd rather have that level 20 base but I mean it's not really about that.. it's really about not wanting to use a white dagger at all.

What I mean by this is that the difference in damage (since it provides no utility) is non-existent here, it's way less even compared to the double damage which I had no issues with at all!

Why did GGG nerf it then?
Essentially this nerf came by because they wanted to make grabbing Blitz just a little less free. With the investment into the minor node before Flawless Savagery, then Flawless Savagery itself and the minor before blitz you might as well have reduced the entire loss of crit from 20 stacks of Blitz (throw in a diamond flask and no other crit investment). This is one of those changes that is there to mostly say "Technically, you have to make a choice and tradeoff" without actually having to make a choice or tradeoff :D

You can catch me live streaming on Twitch.Tv/Krovah as I will be available to answer any questions you may have about Path of Exile, Consecrated Path, and new builds!

In the hopes of making myself more accessible, you can also join my Discord Server here if you'd like notifications for when I'm streaming, uploading new content, or just want an easy way to contact me!

Introduction to Consecrated Path
So I really, really liked the idea of Consecrated Path but it always felt a little slow to me personally. After leveling a new character following my Frost Blades guide, I was stuck between a few. Around level twenty-eight, I started to test them and found that Consecrated Path was feeling exceptionally smooth.

I had no idea that by the time I'd get my last ascendancy, I'd be moving as fast as my mouse could handle when clearing Legion packs Now tower defense league, pop from portal to portal with ease :D

I really try my absolute best to ensure I have look through a multitude of options when it comes to my builds. I would not recommend them to you guys if I did not have faith in their potential, and I will say this build felt not only incredibly fun to play but also surprisingly durable!

Video Showcases

T16 Minotaur Guardian Map

Where are the videos for Shaper, Uber Atziri, Elder, etc?

Hey guys, I'm terribly sorry on this. I had a bunch of files together showcasing it's ability to do end-game content but unfortunately my six year old hard drive failed.

As I'm hoping to provide an array of builds for you all, I had already begun on the next character and am unable to reproduce the content.

I can 100% ensure that this build did not struggle an ounce.

Pros and Cons

Incredible map / Blight (Tower Defense) clear speed.
Insane Leap Slam attack speed.
Juggle around all bosses.
Single target DPS scales very well.
Works well on a low budget and scales well with investment.

Is a "melee" build, so top tier meta gear can get expensive.

My Current Gear

You may notice that my gear is no longer verified! Does that mean I hated the build? Was it not worth keeping around? Not even close! I loved this build with an absolute passion but I've really min-maxed it as much as I could! Now I'm working on developing more in-depth build guides that you can all enjoy!

Detailed Gear Guide

A lot of the following sections are pulled from my Frost Blades guide as surprisingly the gear an be very similar, but I have ensured that the content is tailored to benefit this build specifically!

One Handed Foil Weapons
Detailed Breakdown

Alright so this is the fun part! There are a ton of ways to approach buying weapons, along with plenty of "hefty" break points where you will see prices skyrocket with just a difference of 5 pdps! Lets touch on the factors we want to keep in mind for the varying expense of your soon to be foil!


I have a 1,000,001 DPS weapon and I do no damage!? Scam build!?

If this has crossed your mind, you're in the right place!

A lot of newer players will confuse DPS with P(hysical)DPS and E(lemental)DPS (which both are added up to give you just the total DPS). To give you an idea, a beautiful 100 pDPS foil with 500 eDPS with a total of 600 dps will give you the exact same value as a ONE CHAOS 200 pdps foil! That's right, 500 eDPS has the same value as 100 pDPS for our build! So to reach the high end 5 - 6 exalt 450 pDPS foils you would need a massive 1,750 EDPS on top of 100 PDPS!

So lets move on to how to acquire your weapons!

Wait! How are you searching for these weapons!?

Awesome question that I totally am not pretending to ask myself as I'm at work typing this out!

I've embedded an image below that shows how I narrow our search to one-handed swords, with at least 200 pDPS and 1.90 attacks per second! Sadly, there is not an option (as far as i'm currently aware) that allows us to narrow this search further to just thrusting weapons (foils) so to rectify that I have set it so that the sword MUST have a critical strike multiplier implicit!

Just Starting w/ Low Budget

If you're in this section, I'm assuming that you've either decided to use this build as your league starter or do not have a lot of spare currency to invest! I know that either of these options mean you're investing a lot into a build choice and I wanted to ensure you that I've put in dozens of hours on my guides to ensure that you are able to enjoy the skill the same way I have!

Now, you can easily obtain a 200 pDPS Jeweled Foil with 1.90+ attacks per second with only a chaos or two to your name! To do that, you can check out the link below:

Now, you'll see a ton of options! If you're wondering which ones are a good pick up and which are a less efficient choice, I really encourage you to not think too deeply into it just yet! There are two reasons for this!

1. If you're asking this question then it's more important at this stage that you invest your time learning other aspects of the game, as currently this is not a priority!

2. I promise that this is an in-depth guide to Consecrated Path, I'd be insulted if you did not trust me to not only show but explain as well when it becomes more important! If you're thirsty for that foil knowledge, I'll realistically be covering what foils are worth purchasing over others in the High End Budget section!

Note: While yes, in the long run there may not be much of a difference at this stage I'd recommend that if you find a cheap foil with 200+ pDPS along with a strong flat added fire damage roll that you pick that one up as it will be a strong boost!

Middle Range Budget

Welcome to the middle range budget section! This is probably the most realistic starting point for a large portion of the players at this point in the Legion league ( Blight League just started, so this is no longer accurate!), but if you're just working your way up to this point then even more reason to celebrate! Learning how to not only obtain but save currency to afford gear upgrades is a skill in of itself, don't let anyone tell you different!

Now enough patting yourself on the back, lets move on to the good bit! What exactly makes this section different than the low budget portion?

While cost is the obvious answer, due to the increased rarity of certain rolls to achieve a higher pDPS stat we can also begin to see more quality mods appear. I do not mean the quality craft, but mods that we can also benefit from such as hybrid physical / accuracy rolls. The quality mod here would be the accuracy!

So we actually have two different links here in this section, first is what I like to call the low-end of the middle range budget. Which we then follow up with the high range. I've sectioned it this way as in the next few portions the currency gap is going to be a bit larger, and I'd like to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Low-End of the Middle End Budget:

High-End of the Middle End Budget:

Why is there such a high price jump?

So, the only changes I made to the search filter here is I moved the minimum pDPS requirement from 300 pDPS to 350 pDPS along with a minimum of 1.95 attacks per second versus the 1.90 in the low-end / budget filters.

Unfortunately, this is where we begin to see the main and only real con of the build in my opinion. Foils are not only one of the absolute best bases due to sword nodes on the passive tree being exceptionally efficient, but their range is also a prime-time factor.

It's possible to find a "middle" ground in-between the low-end and high-end options, but you'll end up investing in a weapon that barely feels like an upgrade and I'd much rather you save your currency!

High End Budget

So, as a fair warning to all. You're starting to approach solid one-handed foil weapons here. During peak hours, the price may be 2/3rd of what you'll find during late hours where less people are online.

This is also the part where we not only take a look at the filters, but the various weapons for sale that you can encounter in these filters!

So, here you'll encounter a variety of weapon rolls and prices:

The general idea here is to scroll through the available items while weighing the pros and cons of each. For example, you may find one listed for 5 Exalted Orbs but has 440 pDPS. It has no crit, and it's already beast / quality corrupted. This means you're paying 5 Exalted Orbs for a static item, nothing wrong necessarily but you could find a sword with 420 pDPS with open suffix / affixes, and is not beast / quality crafted. This sword is 4 Exalted Orbs, but what I would do is put it into Path of Building and see what I can bring it up to.

Why is this something you should consider?

Well, it's possible that in this hypothetical scenario that with a 2 Exalted Orb multimod, 60 Chaos in Divines, and a beast craft corruption you could bring it up to a 470 pDPS weapon! I mean sure, you ended up paying 6.5 Exalted Orbs at the end of the day but it's possible that 450 pDPS weapons are sold at 6.5 Exalted Orbs and now yours is 8 Exalted Orbs!

Obviously the pricing and pDPS stats I've listed are all hypothetical, but it's worth considering these aspects to get the most bang for your buck.

End Game Budget

If you're at the End Game Budget portion I'll assume you either have played the build long enough to feel comfortable with purchasing a better weapon, or have accrued a large amount of currency due to other technical knowledge!

But just in case someone has a mirror drop in their first five minutes in Twilight Strand, I'll provide some links and explanation for why!


So, this is where things get a little wonky. In this filter, using a minimum of 480 pDPS with 6% base crit and 2.0 attacks per second, the cheapest item is 19 Exalted Orbs. If you only adjust the pDPS stat to 500, the price jumps to 50 Exalted Orbs. This is due to the fine tuning involved to reach these levels of pDPS, so every 5 pDPS could cost exponential amounts!

Body Armor
Detailed Breakdown

You have a few options here luckily! I'll go into detail on which chest armor I'd recommend by order of preference but also list the expense you can expect and why you should or should not choose these options.

#1 - Carcass Jack, Varnished Coat

So, this is going to be your best option but also your most expensive. This is due to the fact you need five off-colors. When breaking down the sockets, stat-requirements, and colors on a Vorici Chrome Calculator we can find it takes on average about 8,888 Chromatic Orbs which is a large investment. This is just the average so you could also possibly spend double, or triple that estimation.

The best route to getting this off colors is by using the socket trick on a crafting bench, but this also will require some luck, Jeweller Orbs, and the six-socket craft unlocked on your / buddies crafting bench (I don't even have it, shame on me).

How do I do this, I don't care how much it cost!

So if you'd like to know how to do this method, I'll give you a step by step guide here!

Step 1: Buy a Carcass Jack, Varnished Coat.

The following steps will require chromatics, jewellers and a crafting bench.
Step 2: Use the bench to craft "Three sockets" for 3 Jeweller Orbs.

Step 3: Use the bench to craft "At Least Three Red Sockets" for 120 Chromatic Orbs.

Step 4: Use the bench to craft "Four Sockets" for 10 Jeweller Orbs and then rinse and repeat crafting "Three Sockets" and "Four Sockets" until the forth socket is red.

Step 5: Use the bench to craft "Five Sockets" for 70 Jeweller Orbs, and then rinse and repeat crafting "Four Sockets" and "Five Sockets" until the fifth socket is red.

Step 6: Use the bench to craft "Six Sockets" for 350 Jeweller Orbs, and then rinse and repeat crafting "Five Sockets" and "Six Sockets" until the sixth socket is blue.

Congratulations, you've obtained your five off color chest!
Now you have to six link it..

Why is this our best option?

It all comes down to the fact using a Carcass Jack will provide the following benefit; we do not need to use increased area of effect. This support is already very crucial to having enough area (yes, even with the other investment) to make mapping feel good, but it does something else for us!

The support gem Concentrated Effect is about a 50% more multiplier for our damage when swapped with Increased Area of Effect during boss encounters. The downside is, it reduces our area which also reduces the center of our slam which deals more damage which means we have to get closer to already scary bosses.

By swapping in a Carcass Jack, we gain the same amount of increased area as the support gem and we can slot in Combustion. Which while an enemy is ignited is about 45% more damage when used over Increased Area of Effect.

This means we can have our mapping level skill area while essentially having the exact same damage of our single target setup, without a gem swap or reduction in our area.
*Concentrated Effect is about +51% damage, and a Carcass Jack is about +6% damage alone along with +45% from Combustion ='s the same damage.

#2 - Loreweave, Elegant Ringmail

You can pick up an unlinked Loreweave for a few chaos and it will serve you exceptionally well. Almost every single affix from this item will benefit us, excluding rarity / mana which go largely unnoticed! If you do not want to use a Carcass Jack, please use this instead!

The only "downside" is you'll need to use a gem swap on bosses!

#3 - Any Chest, You can Afford

I used a Tabula Rasa, Simple Robe chest for a long time in maps (just because I could) with negative resistances and zero actual gear and was powering through content. You'll be able to make anything work!

Detailed Breakdown

Starkonja's Head, Silken Hood

This helmet provides us an ample amount of life, dexterity (for our foils), critical strike chance, and attack speed. These are all super beneficial stats for us so it's an easy pick up!

What about the labyrinth enchants?

In my personal opinion I feel that the only viable lab enchant is +X% to Consecrated Path Teleport Range as it essentially makes the skill teleport to everything you can see (and more sometimes).

This is a huge quality of life boon!

Detailed Breakdown

Short and sweet, it will be near impossible to beat Tombfists.


This is a fantastic question! I'll never encourage anyone to not ask that question because it's the only way in this complex game to get the answers you need or the results your crave!

I've been getting this type of question a lot, and Warnic who is a wonderful player asked it in the best way as shown below. Essentially, you can have all this stuff but.. how exactly is Tombfist better?

Warnic's Fantastic Question

Well, it basically rolls down to a few factors which I'll go into depth about in the image posted below but I do want to make a quick note here.

I did not take the +0.##% Base Crit on my gloves into consideration what-so-ever. This is all assuming you pick up a pair of two chaos gloves!

My Response to the Question

If you really need the space for resistances, then of course use whatever you can get your hands on in the mean time!

Detailed Breakdown

Any rare pair of boots that provide the following stats in order of importance:

Elemental Resistances (Until you've reached your 75% - 7X% cap)
+# to Maximum Life
X% Increased Movement Speed
+# to Attribute (Intelligence, Dexterity, Strength)

Detailed Breakdown

Any rare belt that provide the following stats in order of importance:

Elemental Resistances (Until you've reached your 75% - 7X% cap)
+# to Maximum Life
+# to Attribute (Intelligence, Dexterity, Strength)

If you can, it's always nice to use a Rustic Sash base (Increased Physical Damage) or Stygian Vise (Additional slot for an Abyssal Jewel).

Detailed Breakdown

So for rings you're looking for your standard mods such as

Adds X to X Physical Damage to Attacks
X% Increased Attack Speed
Gain 10% of Physical Damage As Extra Fire (Essence of Hysteria)

Curse Enemies with Level X Assassins Mark on Hit
-X to Total Mana Cost

+X to Fire/Cold/Lightning/All Elemental Resistances
+X to Maximum Life

Some base types to consider are the standard Steel Ring which has a high flat physical implicit but you can also use the new Vermillion base for 10% increased Maximum Health!

Detailed Breakdown

Xoph's Blood for an Easy Avatar of Fire

So this item can cost a bit depending on your own personal finances, but it saves us a pretty penny in terms of passive points to go get Avatar of Fire.

My personal take on this is that if you can not afford this item, use what you can in the mean time and do not bother trying to fully convert your damage just yet.

The passive point investment is just too steep in my eyes.

Detailed Breakdown

You have a ton of options here! The main jewels that I'd recommend are the unique jewel Tempered Flesh which goes on the left hand Jewel node. This will provide +65% Critical Strike Multiplier which is huge! It can be one of the largest damage bonuses from a single item outside of specific situations.

The next unique we use is +10%-15% Fire Penetration when using Anger mod on Watcher's Eye.

The rest should focus on:
+% Increased Maximum Life
+% Increased Attack Speed when Dual Wielding / Using Swords / One Handed Weapons, etc. Just want that attack speed!
+% To Global / Elemental / Fire / Melee Critical Strike Multiplier

Additional utility mods that could help your build are:
+1-2 Mana Gained for Each Enemy Hit
+# Intelligence / (Str/Dex/Int) + Intelligence

Your standard damage mods like:
+% Increased Damage
+% Increased Fire Damage
+% Increased Global Physical Damage
+% Physical Damage with Swords
+% etc, etc, etc, etc!

[3.8] Path of Building w/ Leveling Trees and Multi-Stage Gear Sets

[3.8] Path of Building: 10M Shaper DPS w/ 5.8K Life

Remember you can access the leveling tree on the bottom right of your Path of Building Client as shown here

You can also check out the multiple gear sets here

Gem Links

Consecrated Path

Carcass Jack: Single & Mapping Setup in One

Alternative Chest: Multi-Target Content

Alternative Chest: Single-Target Content

Leap Slam

You'll see that we are using the close combat support on Leap Slam which may not make a bunch of sense initially but due to the fact Consecrated Path is classified as a "movement" skill, we actually gain the 24% more attack speed bonus for our first attack after every leap slam!

Standard Leap Slam

Optional Defensive Change

Golem, Buffs & Auras

Ice Golem

Vaal Ancestral Warchief

Berserk, Blood Rage & Precision

Blood and Sand, Anger, and Herald of Ash
If you're unable to use a Level 3 Enlighten, drop Precision!

Cast When Damage Taken Setup

Cast When Damage Taken, Wave of Conviction, Molten Shell

Ascendency Order

You may be wondering why we choose to go for Rite of Ruin over Blitz while leveling! I mean, when you crit you get a bunch of added physical damage right? It would be a huge boost!

You're not wrong there, and I personally find that around level 50 I'd rather have the Rage Support Gem with it's added physical and the fact it essentially doubles our amount of raged gained due to their separate limiters.

So, Rite of Ruin essentially gives us the following at fifty rage stacks


150% Increased Physical Damage
75% Increased Attack Speed
30% Increased Movespeed

Which I find to be much more useful while leveling, since we don't have the crit needed to keep up Blitz stacks! Not to mention, the degen is nearly non-existent at this time.

Normal Lab

Cruel Lab

Merciless Lab

Uber Lab

Leveling ~Work in Progress~

Update Log

No Current Content

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Awesome fast build.
acuninho a écrit :
Awesome fast build.

Hey man thank you! I had an exceptional time with this spec, let me know if you have any questions!
Update #1: Added additional information to the gems and gearing section!

To Do List: Include an in depth leveling guide!
Just finished Act10.
So far this Character is right up my alley. Hitting like a Truck with a good portion of survivability.

Used basic Twink Gear while Leveling: Tabula/Goldrim/Wanderlust/Princess etc. Around lvl 60 added some Gear I had on another Character. Things went nuts after that ;)
Finished all 10 Acts in ~6 Hours and 45 Minutes. Fastest Leveling I ever did.

Hopefully will be entering Yellow Maps somewhen this Weekend. Depends on the time I have.

Thank you Krovah for this Build!
Great build m8!

Really love it.. No problems surviving and absolutely no problem killing :) only at T10, but can't see it hitting any issues soon.

I follow your guide and love it. But I found in one point you made a mistake. Loreweave MUST but 6L to work. I bought it unlinked like your guide states and dump the toilet 30c:( my newbie mistake to double check that.
Latthspell a écrit :
I follow your guide and love it. But I found in one point you made a mistake. Loreweave MUST but 6L to work. I bought it unlinked like your guide states and dump the toilet 30c:( my newbie mistake to double check that.

Hey Latth, so I'm going to be honest with you it's pretty much not stated anywhere in this guide to specifically buy an unlinked Loreweave.

It is left open because everyone's budget is different, so if you can afford a four link (which is maybe a fusing or two extra), then awesome! If you can afford more, then go for it!

But.. I'm confused on how you dumped 30c down the toilet. The item still retains its value, so you can always resell it for 30c if needed.

I'm always available to help, but I can only do so much for sure.
Kongjarl a écrit :
Great build m8!

Really love it.. No problems surviving and absolutely no problem killing :) only at T10, but can't see it hitting any issues soon.


Hey thank you so much! I honestly was surprised at how sturdy the build is naturally, and I hope you keep me updated with your experiences!
schnitzelman a écrit :
Just finished Act10.
So far this Character is right up my alley. Hitting like a Truck with a good portion of survivability.

Used basic Twink Gear while Leveling: Tabula/Goldrim/Wanderlust/Princess etc. Around lvl 60 added some Gear I had on another Character. Things went nuts after that ;)
Finished all 10 Acts in ~6 Hours and 45 Minutes. Fastest Leveling I ever did.

Hopefully will be entering Yellow Maps somewhen this Weekend. Depends on the time I have.

Thank you Krovah for this Build!

Hey thank you! I'm super happy to hear you've been having a good experience with the build!!

Let me know how it progresses for you!


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