[3.8] LiftingNerdBro's Uber Lab Warchief Totem Champion - Great League Starter!

Octanorm a écrit :
This build is awesome, thx a lot, uberlab is easy going
But i have one question: yesterday i`v 6-linked my Gruthkuls, but i don`t see any difference between the normal 6-linked chest and the gruthkuls, the same 60k dps. Where are the 100% more dmg?

ruthless doesnt show on tooltip. btw its better to use maim on the warchief instead of faster attacks
Someday, someone will best me. But it won't be today, and it won't be you.
Petarded a écrit :

ruthless doesnt show on tooltip. btw its better to use maim on the warchief instead of faster attacks

Damage setup:

- Ancestral Warchief, Faster Attacks, Brutality, Melee Physical Damage, Concentrated Effect (5-link) & Ruthless (6-link)

I have notice that Ruthless is not showing on tooltip but it should be 38% more damage per hit (113% more damage on every 3rd hit). I still consider this weaker option than Maim as it would help very little during map clearing and mostly only get full effect on map bosses.

I also wonder if there are any thresholds where Faster Attacks are actually better than Maim in main damage dealing setup? In my 5-link setup Maim is roughly 5k more DPS than Faster attacks (both gems are not maxed, Maim is lvl19, Faster attacks are 14 with 20%).

Maim & Culling setup:

- Cyclone, Maim, Culling Strike, Life Gain On Hit

I also wonder about Cyclone setup. I'm using Maim in main setup and wonder if this setup can not be used to put Bleed on enemies for extra damage, Intimidating hits from First to Strike, Last to Fall and cull.

Setup I ponder would be: Cyclone - LGOH, Chance to Bleed, Culling Strike, Faster Attacks.

Lastly, If I can reliably apply bleed and potentially Maim via Cyclone, I wonder if it would not be beneficial to replace Maim with Bloodlust. Bloodlust is 59% more damage multiplier against bleeding enemies. This would be more focused on boss killing as I do not expect to bother Cycloning every trash pack, which dies quickly anyway. Would it be worth trying?
Just wanna say that overpriced Gruthkul's is not necessary or even not optimal choice.

Actually in Poe Building it adds like 7-8% damage but you lose shitloads of defences.

Obvious choice is Belly (which is also costs a lot, but at least you could use it later on other characters and resell fast).

Also, one day I just searched for 6-link 1000 armor and 1000 evasion:

It was like 50c price, but I have like 8k armor and 7500 evasion which are 40% and 37% mitigation and evasion chance. And also it has life and some resistances.
I miss like 300-400 life comparing to Gruthkul or Belly but I believe I have WAY more survivability with it.

I didn't try yet Guardians and Shaper but I never die on t14-t15 maps.

And yes, I've changed cyclone link for another CWDT and linked Maim to AW. I just don't like to press buttons.
why dont take Iron Reflexes?
for those who end up being able to afford starforge
getting this enchant will let your totems shock enemies with starforge. just a tip for more dps
Someday, someone will best me. But it won't be today, and it won't be you.
emOzord a écrit :
why dont take Iron Reflexes?

I don't know, with my gear i will have 20k armor (76% reduction)
but i'm not sure what is better, because Evade helps on big elemental hits from bosses, I have around 37% now.
Didn't find any guide what is better for end-game bosses.
What do you think about deidbellow with ancestral warchief totem damage?
Should be the same or even more dmg?

Edit: It should deal way more damage if you have the wc up :D

Here is my link: https://pastebin.com/tmmuYyq3

Please help me to improve!
Dernière édition par GiantGoomba, le 5 sept. 2017 16:54:43
Today I killed Shaper on my Second Try with this Build.

First try was with a 5L.

Thank you much Lifting this build is definitely awesome.

Here is my Current Gear.

And if someone wants to see the fight here a Video.
Thanks for the build Lifting, great quality as always!
Guys, I don't know how do you kill end-game bosses?
I have decent gear, 5.7k hp, 40% reduction, 40% evasion, all resistances maxed.
I've tried Phoenix last night, he just 1-shots me no matter what, all flasks up.
Any tips? \


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