[3.8] LiftingNerdBro's Uber Lab Warchief Totem Champion - Great League Starter!

is lifting going to update?
Any update on this for 3.5??
Dertold a écrit :
Does anyone know if Warchief Totems will be able to impale on hit with the master of metal node seeing as conquer and worthy foe work on totems even tho it states You?

I will try it!
we will see :)
i hope!
Fun times if it works, with the banners!
If you are going to face a real challenge, it has to be a real challenge. You can't accomplish anything without the possibility of failure.
castlemaid a écrit :
is lifting going to update?

If he doesn't, the build hasn't changed much in 3.5
the POB link is still valid, except for the ancestral bond part (I think it's because the node was moved around). I'd pick the Attack and cast speed passive and then ancestral bond.

It might be possible to improve the build with banners, if you want to try, I'd remove worthy Foe, pick inspirational and resolute technique
Dernière édition par Achnod, le 6 déc. 2018 21:19:40
Can we run facebreakers also?
is multiple totem support worth it to include in the mix?
magicgrey a écrit :
is multiple totem support worth it to include in the mix?

I have this question as well... anyone know?
Yeah multi is pretty much dmg buff..but what i really wonder is how good are new champion nodes.
magicgrey a écrit :
is multiple totem support worth it to include in the mix?

Personally, I'll try it out for general mapping.
For the lab I most likely won't use it as I can pre-place the totems for the Izaro fight and I rather have more dmg than QoL.
As we only have 2 totems (to my knowledge, not sure if other non-shield items will have +1 totems and you can boost it up to 4 with the chest piece, forgot the name) it hardly seems worth it for boss fights.

Regarding Master of Metal:
I believe it works out with totems.
But, I don't see it being a better overall option considering you need to either lose perma fortify (I'd like to keep it for lab) or replace it for Worthy Foe, which is basically a 20% MORE multiplier. And, it effectively sets our hitchance to 100% too which again is a big dps boost.

Perhaps you could swap the perseverance belt with the deceiver for slightly more dmg but lose onslaught, and pick up Master of Metal instead of Fortitude. This is something I wont do.

This is me tho, perhaps I'm missing something important here and my assumptions are completely off.

Edit: Damn and how I missed at least the +2 totems from Multiple Totems Support! Might be worth after all and I'd put it in instead of Ruthless.
Dernière édition par happylittletree, le 7 déc. 2018 12:42:57
Master of metal do not work with totems. I tried over several bosses, totems do not gain the impale buff to physical damage. This means they do not impale either. Also banners do not work on totems as well. They gain no stages whatsoever.

This seems really strange since the node "worthy foe" works with totems.

I think this is a bug and it should be fixed asap.


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