https://poeplanner.com/ABMAAQ0AEzEAAIPG2FhjPfyMz_ZIXz8UIO8OUEfkUWebrj7GrhDM_od7IPiTPC2DzLc-_grYvTWS_o9N46ZXOuHyRbXybqpkhAag-b0rtoxGDF8cp1OlxPZyqayqWfNyDxo4kFUnL5RvZlRmnlorKhPDE6PycYXauSAGM2x5sa07oOZncUqfibwQUfrSFm_jaiSqNukabJ2uA3VfBJErpwjYJFZIOtgw-IKbrv_VpqIABLPwH8BmaPL3MuoYdqzPfvjr891oZRRx2XyCB_JBDjzfv9tP4MMkuzpSvJ8YkfxLFE3EWAHnG_ol36QZY7tNrMJseA3AGm87g1-tjZ1jMZ4m88YEFgt7sxeMz2emowbDAAAAAAA= furty do this - any toughts? Crit vs noncrit EO, Also for wpn - why not doon's? Why not Multiple Totems Support?
Dernière édition par Desperation, le 12 déc. 2019 15:24:22
Sorry for the silly question, how do you get 4 totems?
1 base
+1 ancestral bond
+1 shield

jevusitox a écrit :
Sorry for the silly question, how do you get 4 totems?
1 base
+1 ancestral bond
+1 shield



1 - shield
1 - tree point
1 - holy flame totem gem

3 totems after updated build, you can still go for multiple totem support gem.

But we dont need that right now.

Burning and ignite damage are buffed, so ive focused more on more damage on each totem.

so 3 maximum totems and around 1.5 mil dps per totem with all buffs :)
Rare weapons or vaal catalist?Wich gem to remove for multy totems?Isnt Divine Judgement worth taking?Also 3 points for 40% fire dmg at Holly Fire?
Dernière édition par Desperation, le 14 déc. 2019 15:20:43
my POB will not work on my computer.....Can someone link or just type here what gems you use to start out with?
Hello, ive been following this build ive got just about everything together outside of the +1 for totem on shield not even sure if i can get it in 3.9 idk! i wanted to know what gloves you used just stacking res and health ? Also Helmet slot would be nice and a example :) this build was slow starting out but my god imk in act 9 right now and its quite amazing im not geting the same numbers as youre tho.
I'm guessing 2 totems would be much more realistic now since shaped items will be MUCH more expensive ?
I followed your build the best that i can i find myself having trouble in tier 4 maps etc. Mid level 70's idk what im doing wrong.
Dernière édition par Irontedo, le 15 déc. 2019 23:04:05
Hi can u add Cassia anoint?


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