and btw can i use Infernal mantle with Tukohama's Fortress Ebony Tower Shield ? :D
I went with this build for 3.10 and it's going quite well.

Just one question: In the available videos you summon 2 totems simultaniously. How do you do that without multiple totem support? Am I missing something? I only summon 1 at the same time.
I found a nice Cluster Jewel for this build. Decent amounts of Damage and it applies Arcane Surge automatically, so I can save a skill gem socket.

Dernière édition par Monsieur_Gao, le 18 mars 2020 16:53:43
I also thought about cluster jewels. But as I don't feel to have a lot of skill points for it, I went with a smaller one:
Dernière édition par Shatiya, le 19 mars 2020 02:23:21
risin13 a écrit :
Kalithas a écrit :
So.. after reading like 15 pages back, I still have a question. How good is this build?

So, I assumed it was a top tier build... BUT, i have to tell you this is the least enjoyable build I've ever played. The biggest problem is the play style is boring AF. So unless you really enjoy totem play style and are looking for an unnecessary challenge, avoid at all costs. The build is mediocre with perfect gear, and the gear is quite expensive because some pieces are needed for other top tier builds. This is the first time I could not wait to be done with a league; I get at least 24 challenges for the 2 effects is what i consider "done".

That said, this is by far the best holy flame totem build guide out there. The op did an awesome job with this build, but I hated the experience from beginning to end.

Good review, thanks. Have you played other totem builds and found them more enjoyable? freezing pulse, frost orb, glacial cascade,.... or is the totem playstyle just not your cup of tea?

Why not use multiple totems?
Well... around T14 Maps survivability isn't that great anymore. Especially with Delirium Mobs you die almost every map, because you have to move away from the exploding stuff. So you can't hide behind totems that good.

If there is anyone out there who knows about totem builds... maybe you can have a look what to change here for not getting one-shotted that often. Don't think the OP returns to his build. Maybe knocked out by corona... who knows.

Dernière édition par Shatiya, le 22 mars 2020 13:53:19
Would you recommend taking Avatar of Fire until we can afford a Xoph's?
Everything ok, but I cant find final gear like boots, helmet or belt - can someone tell me what should I have? I am newbie so I would like to know as many as I can
bulkpossum a écrit :
Would you recommend taking Avatar of Fire until we can afford a Xoph's?

Xoph's has dropped off a lot in value. You can pick one up this league for 15-20c.


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