[3.5 Viable but Discontinued] UNDENIABLE-JUGG | FARM ALL CONTENT - incl. Uber-Elder

Really enjoying this build for the second league in a row. Done most content with it.

I was lucky enough to have this drop tonight, but I'm wondering if I would be better off selling it and getting a +2 enchant helmet instead? Or some other upgrade? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Dont change this jewel. Helmet u can enchant at uberlabs. This Jewel is very usefull.
Can anyone help with some advice on upgrades my build / gear - much appreciated! https://pastebin.com/nPgkpNqd

I absolutely love this build. I've been playing it for 2 leagues in a row. I'm min/maxing to the best of my abilities(and currency).

I made a few modifications to the build. Dropped the life gained on hit rings since they were hard to find with the stats I wanted and went for a Watcher's eye with life gained on hit from Vitality + Anger.

I'm running Elighten lvl 4 + 15% Mana reservation reduction on the shield. Anger and Vitality. And herald of ash on another socket. Mana so far is not an issue. I choose to have 2 x 2+ virdian jewels. I hate running out of mana.

Since i have enough damage I'm considering going for a a double anger + vitality watcher's eye with life leeched as fire damage

But it's really expensive.

I'm sitting at ~8.5k life right now and breeze thru the content. Unless I get one shotted I don't die. Period.

With the boots enchant + the vitality regen + the implicit life regen of tree and jugg ascdendecy I'm sitting at ~1.5k regen/sec. Add that to the life gained on hit it's a stupid amount of survivability.

The resistances were a bitch to get. Since I'm using Bubonic trail instead of rare boots I had to improvise when to came to resistances. I have several jewels that give various resistances.

Overall I'm sitting at 135 fire res, 105 cold and 96 lighting. I gave up on trying to balance them since it's too much of a hassle.

If you guys have suggestions on what to improve, have at it. I'd love to hear your opinions.

Obviously with the amount of currency I invested in this I could have made a far better BV elementalist, GC miner or whatever else, but my love of melee tanky chars is undying.
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I am trying out Immolate/Combustion over Ele Focus/Ele Damage

along with Celestial Judgement & Punishment this setup seems to put out more effective dps when using Herald of Ash which I prefer over Spider, particularly for clearing

with Spider I'd stick with the raw burst of ele/ele

Celestial Judgement on it's own is a good boost to ele/ele but it's one point too many imo (4) just to reach the one passive
Hey there i'm pretty new to the game. I was looking up the gear costs on poe.trade and and tombfists that had 2 abyssal socket were atleast 7.4 exalted. which seems very expensive. Is there a alternative? Is it okay to use one with just 1x abyssal socket? Any help would be appreciated thanks
1 is ok, just use the murderous eye jewel for intimidate.
I would go with Combustion instead of concentraded effect/Increased Area of Effect.
someone can help me upgrade my gear? My charater name is SunshineLacerate


Body armour:








Switch out most of those unique flasks, magic flasks are going to be better in most cases. Seething/bubbling divine life flask with staunching, a granite and/or basalt flask to cap out physical res. Also wise oak is a big dps boost.

Standard gear progression other than that - upgrade gloves to tombfists, find jewels with +/% life and added fire damage, get a rare chest or loreweave. After that you can start looking for lgoh rings and a +proj enchant helm.


Not sure if anyone's mentioned this but Vaal Impurity of Fire/Purity of Fire is great for damage reflect maps

I use this aura plus Vitality, then Item Quality/LGOH over MS damage gems and have no problems staying topped off just watch out for big Molten Shell aoe explosions


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