[3.11 ready] NKO's Saviour Champion Cyclone/lacerate 14m+ shaper dps [Videos][All content]

zerker clips incomin
at the moment i felt like best thing to do is going cyclone with Saviour because in delirium encounter its just awesome to have something spinning behind u and killing the spawning dudes :)
updated cyclone videos and Delirium gear with new pob
Hey, for your cluster jewel, are you gonna be taking Devastator as well? Or just Deep Cuts and Smite the Weak?
@McRunnyChunks so far i took deep cuts only
pob updated came out with 17m cyclone boss dps
Dernière édition par n1koee, le 24 mars 2020 10:08:06
I've been playing this build and it feels very smooth. It's not as screen explodey as something like ED-Contagion or Pestilence Strike Pathfinder pre-Saviour, but it's less button mashy and more consistent due to near perma-Fortify.

I can't wait to start farming The Saviour.
@unhappymeagood to hear :p
did pretty neat 30% fortify lethal pride to keep us alive even more :D
If Paradox and Saviour are a little outside of my budget right now, how you recommend getting this build off the ground?


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