[3.8] Memoria's Scourge Arrow/RoA Cold crit Slayer [Deathless Uber Elder & EZ 5-way emblem]

Thanks for this build.

My Build and gear:

Dernière édition par Parsson555, le 9 sept. 2019 20:12:25
I have only 26 mana left with lvl 3 enlighten. Can't channel scourge arrow for shite. Had to get mana nodes. How do u make it work with lvl 3 enlighten?
You should only be using low level precision. The difference in damage isn't big enough if you level it up.

I just use level 1, but you can see where your mana bar is comformtable
what i must change in tree to start use hopeshredder? refund melee passives (and
drop lioneye's fall) and take frenzy?


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