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frostferno with +3lvl fire gems?? it is not on trade
What skill gems were/are you using in your helm? This build has been tons of fun. Thanks for posting.
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MyShot4U a écrit :
What skill gems were/are you using in your helm? This build has been tons of fun. Thanks for posting.

Gem section, single target setup.
Any reliable recommends for crafters? i dont have high enough level crafts.
Hellagen a écrit :
Any reliable recommends for crafters? i dont have high enough level crafts.


My guild mate, has got all the mods you need. (will discount for vouches)
Destafi a écrit :

So far running this build, got a bow and +2 corrupted frostferno as well as a random ass mark on the ring. Saving up for an 80%+ damage belt and will then balance for wise oak with boots and gloves.

I am wondering how much accuracy do I really need though? Also will probably go Precision-Herald-Anger-Enlighten setup for auras.

Aura setup sounds good, will edit guide as soon as i get to play it myself this league and start minmaxing. In terms of hit chance, with 100 being the new cap that should obviously be your goal. 95% or higher should do tho, at some point there are diminishing returns.
dperls a écrit :
Hey, do you have suggestions on a 90 point tree? doubt I will take this to 100 and want to see what is best to cut.

Drop whatever you feel comfortable with. The tree is pretty hard to adjust as it has just enough points to picl up all the keystones/notables I wanted.

PoB should tell you what makes you lose most or least dmg. Same goes for life.
dropios a écrit :
mseabird a écrit :

You should definitely look for assassin's mark, its a huge dps boost and gives us more consistent crits on top of more recovery on kill whilst mapping. Your gear looks nice, shaped opal is for absolute minmaxing tho.

What to upgrade first, totally depends on the content you are running and where u feel u are lacking in performance. If you are mainly after killing bosses it would be smart to get corrupted frostferno for additional levels.

Watcher's eye would be a nice upgrade.

Thanks a bunch! I just finished my bow and I'm quite happy with it. PoB says its more damage than the normal crafted one (My calculations might be wrong tho)

I'm running tier 16 maps only and legion bosses atm. I'll be looking at a frostferno with additional levels. I kinda want a farruls fur, but my hp will be a bit too low.

I can't figure out if it's worth trying to annul of the other stats on this ring and then multi mod it?

As long as you still have the resists and attributes you need, go for it. Other than the assassin's mark, that ring isnt really offering much. Worst case scenario would be that you have to roll the ring again.
Kenjinou a écrit :
Hello together, your guide is really good and I think about starting with Elemental Hit.

I am playing SSF and got the following Items, please give me some advice if you think that is good enough to build around or if this build maybe is not so good in SSF. Actually I am missing the Jewels and would like to know, how the damage will be decreased while using all of the elements. I know that in this case I cannot max firedamage in my tree and the gear.


If you want to play this in SSF you would have to drop frostferno and go with elemental equilibrium. Without avatar of fire, the cold conversion that frostferno provides is useless.

Only after you get all the core items (jewels/avatar of fire - ammy or keystone/ frostferno), it will be worth speccing full into fire.


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