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Looks like a build that can be great once it's finished, a bit more survivability than most totem builds which could be great QoL when mapping, I bet the clearspeed will be good enough anyway.

Looking forward for an update!

Edit: Maybe Infernal mantle could be considered for this build?

Edit2: Maybe in a combo or just add the Three Dragons Mask as well for more damage

I'm gonna go Infernal Mantle instead. I actually did a flame totem build last league, and it felt good then. It'll be 100x better this league.

I understand the synergy with Soul Mantle and curse immune, but Infernal Mantle is also a lot of damage. I find needing 4 totems a bit overkill unless your killing bosses. If you are mapping at any decent speed, you are just over-casting them anyways while you run forward. Flame totem does its damage instantly compard to Pizza totems and even Chief totems, so a lot of times a single totem kills most of the white mobs on your screen as is.

I'm gonna the old high crit flame totem build.


Yes im concidering around that aswell, depends on how people mostly play also.
You could definitly go with infernal mantle that provides you with the extra damage / More defence (Only Conc is -1 Totem)
I will update a Poe BIN With Infernal Mantle Setup also.
Ty for Comment!!

Regards, MrSeanConnor
Can you tell me the idea behind righteous fire? All it did was mostly kill me lol. I'm still new to the game so maybe I did something wrong.
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Can you tell me the idea behind righteous fire? All it did was mostly kill me lol. I'm still new to the game so maybe I did something wrong.


Vaal Righteous Fire provides you with Burning Damage / Spell Damage ( A nice Damage boost )

You will need to use pots while activate Righteous Fire.
If you got problem with this Gem you could go for more survivability and use Vaal Grace Instead.

Regards, MrSeanConnor
Thanks for putting up the gem links. Whats the advantage of using lightning golem instead of the crit chance golem? Also, where do you generate endurance charges? Thanks.
Hi, i'm doing a similar build, so i thought i might share some theorycrafting.
I'm currently trying to 5l my Covenant, it has some added chaos, 10% max life and its blood magic would allow me to reserve more mana for an anger aura or blasphemy curses (we get a lot of leech off totems anyways).
NICE And funny build so far-i'm level 51.
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NICE And funny build so far-i'm level 51.

Lovely to hear that.
My current Level is 83 and Luckily i got a Infernal Mantle 6-Linked and so far my DPS is around 150k with full buffs.

I will Update the guide with Infernal Mantle aswell :)
Thanks for Comment,

Regards, MrSeanConnor
Thx for the build. Didn't play for quite long.

I just notice when I pick up Totem cast speed node, the dps, cast per second, cast speed modify in the Holy Flame Totem info didn't change at all. But it change with normal cast speed. Is this just another engine limit?
Slow in, slow out cuz I'm just a player.
Why no Multiple Totems Support?
Peppu a écrit :
Why no Multiple Totems Support?

Now i have updated the Gem setups and the main skill has now Multiple Totems Support, and goal is +5 maximum totems.

Regards, Mrseanconnor
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