[3.11] Duelist Build List

How can there not be a single Lacerate build listed on this thread?

Lacerate is the second most commonly used skill by Duelists in Delirium league (after Cyclone).
Dernière édition par fawnsilver, le 30 mars 2020 19:36:46
support champion build based around warcry buffs
3.10 reverse knockback ballista build.

Strong against Delirium, all map mods, designed for HC
3.10 Smite. Due to generic gear/tree suitable for a lot of other melee elemental skills. Based on elemental damage stacking from both Anger and Wrath by using cluster jewels.
Dernière édition par GreenSubmarine, le 13 avr. 2020 16:00:34

This is a build I am using at the moment. It shows how the new cluster jewels open up many interesting options for us. I think some of the ideas I have in the build would stimulate people to create more interesting variations from there. I would love it be viewed and commented by more so we cross-fertilise each other. Please assist me to put it on your build list. Thanks

New Slayer Guide

3.10 PUDGE Cyclone Slayer, HC viable, All content, Life: 7000+, DPS: 5kk+, Chaos res: 75%, Budget.
May I get my build added to the list? I built a shield charge gladiator that is 100% original. It was a project to see if shield charge as a main skill could kill the shaper. Turns out it can do that and is a solid and underused skill: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2868085

Thank you for the naming guide btw. I used it :)


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