[3.8] Duelist Build List


I wrote up a build guide on a bleed-based Tornado Shot/Puncture MF build:

Through the passive tree & 1.5 exalts worth of gear, it can speedily clear up to red-tier maps without difficulty, and can be slotted up with MF gear farmed through the earlier stages of the build without harming that speed/level of damage.

I hope it to be a budget-start alternative to the many MF builds that require many exalts worth of rare jewels, 6-linked uniques, and Rigwald's Quills to get started - I'm going to even try running it as a league starter come patch 3.9!

Thanks for maintaining this useful tool :).
Hellom, I wrote a build : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2618167

Basically is a build focused in the powerfull hit of Reckoning and a sustain damage from the cyclone. My character is a gladiaton 95 and currently I can do every content in the game (even Hall of Grandmasters
with a little luck).
I see you've already updated. Many thanks for your hard work :)
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Pls add my build - ground slam stun Slayer.
Dernière édition par Shleppel, le 7 sept. 2019 11:11:01
Hi, i updated my "Torstein's Oni-Goroshi Slayer Cyclone" build for 3.8


3.8 Ultimate Poison Pathfinder -all attack poison skills- /view-thread/2639074
3.8 Oni-Goroshi Slayer Cyclone /view-thread/2554593
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3.8 Dragon's Breath Chieftain Incinerate /view-thread/2506867

Hello! The build is an 82% Block, unarmed build focusing on Reckoning and Riposte as main sources of damage.

Levelling guide/Budget items is both inputed into Path of Building and outlined in the build guide.

Hope it makes it through, and thanks in advance for taking a look!
Dernière édition par PeachFlavorPanda, le 20 sept. 2019 12:24:06

hi, pls add my build. Just a basic simple Lacerate build.
Shaper Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2252008


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