3.5 Wolverion-Dominating Blow / Champion (Videos)

What pantheon's do you prefer?
Because i was lifting gear from another toon i made the same build with physical damage focus. I took master of metal, inspirational and the taunt thingy. With read banner and pure phys set up it seemed much more actual boss dps than elemental version with crap gear. Also the leech from scourges was stronger. And phys is easier to counter for reflect maps with lightning coil, granite flask etc. Maim works with its full potential and you can swap ele weakness for vulnerability.

Because i lifted gear from another toon i have a green socket and i dont want to color it correctly. For no regen maps its perfect for mana leech, for bosses culling strike and onslaught for everything else.

But i will say that once you get decent gear elemental should be better and id transition out of phys. Elemental has shocking which is essentially maim and ele overload is essentially what impale gives you but has much better uptime. Leech can be gotten with atziri flask and refelct is countered by resistances.

Also i severly agree with previous poster about dropping iron reflexes. The little bit of evasion gave more bang for buck than the little bit of armor i got.

Also personally im a fan of minion speed jewels so both dominated minions and heralds minions dont lag behind you so much. 5 jewels with 6+ minion speed made way more actual real world difference than minions attack speed/minion damage jewels did.

Jewels and tree you can see from my profile. I swapped master of metal for the chance to hit until i get uber lab done for now.

My current phys gear:
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