[3.6] HoA Champion Summoner - Enfeeble & Temp Chains - Uber Elder Viable

just wanted to stop by and say, great guide! i love this build:)
Respecced my champion from Ice Spear Totems to this today, with minor adjustments.

So far great, even with some no quality and not max lvl gems on HOA support the build does insane dps, not to meantion the ability to facetank while drunk.

Thank you, keep up the good work!
4,000 life gained on hit? Where is this coming from? I can only see about 80 from the gem + poacher's mark.
Cant we have both enfeeble and chains in the cwh setup? That would make room for hatred or grace.

- - -

U.Elder DOWN!!

Not deathless (sad) BUT I did it at lvl 88 with this set-up: https://pastebin.com/V5jE0Auc

I do believe killing U.Elder can be done as soon as you hit 6k life deathless on this build the only issue is breaking the bad habits which you may develop while playing it (aka trying to facetank everything with barrage).

- - -

U.Elder Down again!!

Still not deathless but I did it with an lvl 84 scion with this set-up:
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