[3.14-3.15 HC Updated] HOAG Champ. ~7k Life Gain on hit/sec vs. single target. All Content <Videos>

Looking good! Last piece to stretch for is that +2 on the amulet--looks like everything else is there. Nice set of gear!

im not looking forward to doing self crafting to make that happen :(
It's easier than you think. Craft of exile says crafting the +1 dex ammy will run an average 500 alts (+the base) and the +1 Phys ammy around 400 alts + base. The Awakener's orb is just pricey, not difficult.

Good Luck!
Dernière édition par Orion72, le 29 mai 2021 00:54:38
yeah but then getting good stats would be hard, and im way to lazy for that, think ill just have to pay some exalts and have someone do it for me later
You do understand that when you use the awakeners orb it rerolls all of the other stats on the new amulet, right? You don't want to start with amulets with any relevant stats except the+1 dex and +1 phys. (In fact, it's important that those are the ONLY influenced stats on the amulet, or the awakener's orb may choose something different and your item may brick).

Dernière édition par Orion72, le 29 mai 2021 16:04:35
actually you dont need the cult-leader because you wont have enough points for it... 70 stacks on agony is enough for everything even A9 Sirus, put the rest points on life and then fortify cluster. Find good 4 passive skills medium cluster with pure agony and good stats is pretty cheaper or you can craft it easily.
@Orion72: I found that Doppelganger Guise is extremely good with divine flesh and you can have cwdt +curse +golem with feeding frenzy... still need more chrome+vaal orbs to colored my chest to replace cull strike with summon holic relic :). My current gear:
Life isn't what you make of it, it's already been made for you.
I had literally never seen that chest before. How does the unhinged skill work? Interested in understanding it better.

i also had the same problem before haha. Actually when you wearing it, toogle on = insane - more crit, do nothing/ toogle off = sane - less damage taken.
Life isn't what you make of it, it's already been made for you.

This is my gear so far. Made it to lvl 100 since this build is very tanky plus lockdown helps (what else is there to do lol).

Notable changes:
- Total HP: 7,514 (to counter dodge/eva entropy, can tank Sirus A9 die beams/rotating beams)
- Total DPS on POB Sirus A9: 2.95 million
- I'm using only 4 Pure agony nodes + 4 Cult leader nodes
- Use Fortress Covenant in small cluster jewel spot
- Went with Aspect of Avian for the sweet double damage combined with Gravepact anoint
- Using only 1 Elegant form node (its good enough)
- With flasks up, dodge is 65%/48% while evade is 77%
- Phys reduction up to 41%
- Dropped convocation for Portal (QOL)
- Ele res is at 77/76/76 while Chaos res is at 77% (Use Anti-venom on small cluster and helps overcap chaos res)
- (Lvl 20 all) CWDT + Immortal call + Inc Duration + Lightning Golem*
- Took Resolute technique (QOL) for Simulacrum farming mostly

Future changes
- Will upgrade gems to 21/23 versions
- *Will drop Lightning golem for Chaos Golem
- Hope to find double corrupt Kaom's Heart with +max res and reduced crit/phys while stationary

POB link: https://pastebin.com/URUhNcQ3
tried wand +shield... lvl 31 agony (boss down from 6s to 5s or 4s) and tankier (77/77/79 ele res and 80-85 chaos res if self poisoned from golden rule).
my char: QuLtiQ
Life isn't what you make of it, it's already been made for you.


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