[3.9] Fists of Fire | Boss Killer | Unarmed Cyclone | Cheap [Unique Heavy]

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Hey guys. Just picked up a Lethal Pride, but I am a little confused on the mechanics. It is mention on the first page that it gives a lot of crit, but I'm not seeing that when I place it near Endurance (top left of tree). The passives there only give 20% burning damage and 10% effect of fortify. What am I missing?

There are dozens of different varieties of Lethal Pride ... they are not all the same. You really just need to try different LP jewels to find one that offers what you are looking for. You can either buy different LP jewels, or reroll you bad LP jewels with a Divine. It's very much a trial and error item.
i just wanna say thank you, your build impressed me a lot, and im playing it the second League.

i focused more on chaos res in Metamorph.

My Current setup: Arround 5.1 Mil Shaper Dps

My Setup in 3.8: Arround 7.4 Mil Shaper Dps
Hey, I'm looking to pick this build up as a second character, as I already own a pair of Facebreakers. In regards to the leveling tree now in 3.9, what direction should I be following the skill tree in the beginning? I assume Resolute Technique is no longer what we're aiming for, given the new crit route. Am I going up towards things like Amplify and the Jewel slots, or down-right towards the Vaal Pact area?
Struggling to figure out why we use rigwalds if we dont take claw nodes lol. Can someone explain? My other FB build does 3m dps but I take claw nodes. Can anyone post me a 3.9 tree also?
i have read over the build as well as looked at the POB, however im just not too sure how i get high single target dmg or the survivability? i currently have almost identical gear to the 3.9 version of yours (other then the chest as you stated i chose Loreweve for my chest) and i slightly above 4k health. i am currently lvl 90 and still missing some nodes for life however even then i fail to realise where i get more dmg especially for single targets. i am loving the clear speed but sadly it gets somewhat ruined by random one shots or the bosses taking forever to actually kill. im quite intrested in this build and im mostly putting the blame on myself right now as i know most likely i have missed something as opposed to this being a non viable build but currently im just not too sure with suitability and health. if you could provide any tips with it i would be very grateful!


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